Friday, 27 February 2009

Pissed Off!

All week, the computers at the office have been kaput. OK, these computers are the ones that I met at this office when I first joined the firm all those years ago. You would think that after all the good service the computers have offered over the years, somebody would have noticed that they haven't been functioning optimally recently; and that the decision should be taken to upgrade the entire network. Its not a large organisation, so the outlay required is not excessive, considering that without functioning computers no work can be done.

Well, the decision to upgrade/replace the computers was not taken and last Monday, my desktop finally ground to a halt and all efforts to coax it back to life have failed. The next day, my colleague's computer too failed to connect to the central printer, then the printer itself gave one final shudder and came to a standstill. Throughout yesterday, I stood around in my office doing nothing, with work piling up on my desk by the minute. How frustrating is that?

I got to the office this morning and unsurprisingly nothing has changed. So I'm left with deadlines that I am unable to meet, documents to be prepared which I am unable to prepare. Mr Decision Maker didn't even bother to turn up at the office this morning. Now I don't know what to do next. Some people are quite happy to sit around and chat all day long when they're supposed to be working. This doesn't apply to me. I am so angry. I have already had to assuage some irate clients, without letting on what the real problem is. But for how long can this continue, especially since today is Friday and there is a deadline for Monday? I'm just really pissed at the moment..


Amooti, Uganda said...

Anengiyefa, you seemed more worried that you could not work any more but did it cross your mind that with the death of your senile pc you could have lost data that was not backed up? But again, am not an authority in these things.

Anengiyefa said...

I'm glad you admit to not being an authority. To set your troubled mind at rest, none of the data was lost, thank you very much. And by the way, we're getting brand new computers, but Mr N. will have to cough up twelve grand £!

Amooti, Uganda said...

Its all good then that you did not lose any data. Its usually my worst nightmare. A year ago, I was two days late on a report and when I was finally done, the next morning I planned to print it out first thing in the morning and conspicuously place it on the neatly arranged desk of my Japanese boss so that it would be the first thing he sees when he comes in. When I got to start the computer, my screen was black with a lot of back slashes and forward slashes and all kind of characters. I called in our IT immediately after the shock and this is what he said after I had been frantic and ranting to my colleagues how it was important to save my job:

Mr. IT: "Am afraid your data is irretrievably lost and..........."

I think I did not wait for him to finish because I did not care to know what other bad news he was about to give me but my workmates joked afterwords that they had never known I could speak in tongues!