Monday, 9 March 2009

Dear blog, I have a problem

I have been receiving telephone calls from M professing love, almost daily since last week. M it is who failed to send Valentines day greetings and was dumped as a result. I'm not sure how to proceed, although I have already intimated that for the moment, 'friends' might be the way forward. And I was just starting to enjoy my freedom too. But, when I think about it, I cared deeply then...not so sure about now, although the potential for a rekindling exists. And M appears to be hurting so... What shall I do?


Naijadude said...

Please for the love of all things pleasurable and fun.. give M another chance.... it might worth it this time around!!

Anonymous said...

Anengiyefa, I feel this is incredibly brave and open of you to reveal these thoughts on this blog.

Let me start by saying I have no experience of this, so please bear that in mind when taking a millisecond to think about my worthless thoughts.

You should do what you feel is best. If you feel that you were truly happy with M, but were disappointed in her lapse of attention then go with her. If you feel, that whilst the relationship was good but it has run its course and can ultimately see not much of a future, you should lay it to rest.

Obviously, you have reached a stage where you may have regrets about the course of action you are about to take. But that is just one of those things in life we have to deal with the "what ifs".

For me the prospect of discovering someone knew, who could really meet all your needs on more levels seems a more tantalising prospect, but hey that's just me, and you are you. I'll leave it at that and will close with my usual refrain which you have to come to know so well "time will tell, or time will reveal all" (from my posts on Naijablog).

You may have to be a bit selfish here, but be true to your aspirations (remember if you don't respect your happiness, don't expect others to).

Anengiyefa said...

Well, guys, thanks a lot. I've just been on the phone with M, lots of tears. Whose tears, I'm not saying :)

@CodLiverOil, finding someone who will meet all my needs as you say, is indeed the ideal thing. However, with time, I have become more amenable to the idea that perhaps that ideal person might not exist in real life, and that what is required is the ability to be flexible and to adapt and tolerate as best as one can.

@Naijadude, yes, one more chance. But this won't be the first, or even the second chance. However, as I was just saying to CodLiverOil, one should always have the ability to forgive, as nobody knows if one will need to be forgiven in the future. Guys, I appreciate this.

Anonymous said...

who is this M? is it me?

Anengiyefa said...

@Anon 05.30, M = Mystery. And Mystery is something that is kept secret or remains unexplained or unknown. :)

Anengiyefa said...

Anonymous, I don't believe that I am pretending to be anything other than a gay man. I am what I am and I am proud of it. You guys need to get used to this, because I'm going to be in your face all the time!