Friday, 6 March 2009

A Sense of Elation

I feel a sense of release. I feel free. Its almost as if I've thumped my nose at my adversaries and suddenly, they have realised how futile their opposition has been. I have outmaneuvered them and it is a great feeling. But I'm just a bit sorry that it took so long for me to tell it to their face and tell it to them them as it is. Although I have had this defiance raging inside me for years, only now have I been able to express myself openly. It could be that I didn't do so before because the opportunity had not presented itself, and I wonder if this would have happened had I not started this blog. I am grateful for the chance to blog and to be able to publish my thoughts. Life has started anew for me, I sense the beginnings of greater things to come. Peace.


Amooti said...

hmmmm...i can see that the internet has been the source of your current sense of liberation!

Tamaku said...

I can sense your energy. Soar high like an eagle.


Anengiyefa said...

Amooti, I wish I'd summoned up the courage and the resolve to start this blog sooner. I actually started a blog in 2006, but I chickened out, probably because at the time I wasn't emotionally prepared, knowing fully well that whatever I did wih a blog, I would be expressing who I really am. And there would be many who would be unhapy about it.

However, at the place in time where I am now, I have made a conscious decision to put myself first. Other people will just have to learn to deal with it.