Sunday, 5 April 2009


Its my birthday today. I know the day is about me, but instead I have chosen on this day to acknowledge those who have been there for me through thick and thin, in high and low, my friends who have held my hand and supported me and without whom I would not be where I am now. Thank you Albert, Richard, John, Caspa, Michael, Chris, Musa, Allan, Nicholas, Femi, Kennedy, Imma, Jack, Jamie. You are appreciated. I acknowledge also those who I have met online and those who have become my friends since I started this blog. Thank you.
Twenty years ago, I thought by now I would be fat and bald, but you know, this hasn't happened. My waistline is still the same as it was back then, although I've noticed that in recent weeks my trousers have become a bit tight around the waist. Maybe that gym membership I've been postponing can no longer be put off. I've got some friends coming round later on today, so I must get myself into the kitchen. Happy Birthday to me.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Anengiyefa, enjoy YOUR day. Keep blogging, I like it. :)

Tamaku said...

Happy birthday to you. Have a wonderful day.

Amooti, Uganda said...

I hope your birthday was great. I must confess though that I had the wrong day again!.....and here I am waking up early in the morning of Apr 6, my fingers tripping over themselves on my phone keypad, trying to be the first to wish you a great one...and then I clicked on your blog when I got to work and the Tamakus of this world had sensibly beaten me to it!

Anengiyefa said...

Thanks for the birthday greetings guys. It was nice, the weather was great, the food was delicious and I had some good company. Its not often when your birthday falls on a Sunday.

@Amooti, Tamaku beat you to it only because he clicked in yesterday and you didn't. lol. Thanks for the text anyway.

Free Surf said...

Hope to someday come around to undersyanding the whole meaning of birthdays as I'm really not into them but then since my closest friends are, I have to be happy for them whenever it comes up. When they are happy, I'm happy.
At twenty six, my ass and thighs are in the way. My waist line virtually remains the same but my ass and thighs have made go 4 inches up the waist size scale as moost size 30-32 pants don't got beyond my thighs and bum.
I wonder why I have to add weight like a chick. All ass and thighs. Hmm.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Freesurf, lol, youre funny. Is it perhaps that woman inside bursting out, crying out for recognition? lol!

Meant as a joke buddy...Nice to have you on here. Please make yourself comfortable and feel at home.