Monday, 11 May 2009


I always knew there would come a time when I would run out of things to say and that I would need some time-off to recharge my batteries. And I feared that day. I just didn't know it would come so soon. Scandalous!

OK, let me attempt to make some excuses for being off-air for a few days. I have kept my dentist busy over the last week or so. He's been working wonders on my left mandible, or maxilla, whichever you prefer. I had always considered myself immune to whatever condition would require the services of a dentist. The dentist's chair and that drill have never really featured in my often rambling contemplations. However, recently, there arose the need for me to seek help concerning some unexplained discomfort in my oral cavity. After a lengthy conversation with this very friendly and polite Greek gentleman, who I was entirely convinced had been so friendly only so as to disguise the true nature of the horrific things the intended to do to me, and because I didn't understand at least one-half of the terms he used, I decided to read up on basic dentistry, in order to get a clearer picture of what Mr Whateverpoulous intended to do inside my mouth when I returned the next day.

So, still with that discomfort which was being assuaged by painkillers in the interim, I did a crash dentistry course. In this post, I've already proudly displayed some of the new words I picked up.
I even now know what odontiasis means. To cut a long story short, Mr Dentist with a single deft stroke has relieved me of what I must admit was sheer agony. Did I say single stroke? No, it was two strokes. First, there was the infection that had first to be dealt with using a course of antibiotic treatment, which meant that the pain from the tooth-decay lingered for a further 7 days of pure hell. Today the entire tooth was pulled out from the jawbone and the pain that I feel now is nothing compared to when that tooth was still in there.

Surely, that's a good enough excuse, or isn't it?


Naughty feeling said...

Blip...blip...system processing info.
Error: inadequate reason. It is good to have you back!

PD 9ja said...

I love how the post is labelled "elation" when you just got your tooth extracted... that cracked me up.

Hope you feel better soon...

random question:
did you ever hide your teeth under your pillow and wake up the next morning to some tooth-fairy money?

Anengiyefa said...

Hey Naughty Feeling, thanks. I'm glad to be back. Pity my excuse wasn't good enough...What if I go back to the real reason... It appears in the first sentence of my post, lol

Anengiyefa said...

Hi PD 9ja, trust me, an extracted molar and the pain thereof, is nothing compared to what I've had to live through these last few days. I am truly delighted.

Tamaku said...

I actually look forward to the dentist's chair especially if only for a routine. I enjoy being fiddled with;)

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Tamaku, being fiddled with is ok when it doesn't involve needles and other sharp instruments. I almost saw the glee in the man's face whilst doing his job. No, really, that dentist, he insisted I call him "George" (lol), was really good. He made the ordeal as painless as possible.