Monday, 1 June 2009

An absolute nightmare

Parking in London is a nightmare! In the days when I travelled to work by public transport, OK, maybe I stood on the train all the way, but at least I arrived at the office calm and relaxed, refreshed, ready for a new day. Since I got the car and started driving to work, I have of course travelled in style and relative comfort. But obscenely, there is no parking allowed on the street where my firm is located, unless a business parking permit is bulk purchased from the local authority by the business concerned. My colleagues have always parked their cars in a council housing estate somewhere behind our building. But its not only our firm that uses the estate for parking. The residents of the estate do too, and all the other businesses on our street, who like our firm have failed and/or refused to obtain business parking permits for their staff. The result is a mad dash in the morning for parking space, which leads to cars parking in every available space on the estate, including the pavements. And it is absolutely hellish! I understand that the residents of the estate had fought a battle against the Council for free parking on their estate, and won. But I wonder if they don't regret it now, seeing as everyone within a 1 kilometre radius come to the estate to park their cars.

This morning, while attempting to squeeze the car into a tight parking space, I nearly reversed into a resident of the estate, a young mother who was taking her three small children to school. All hell broke loose, as this woman saw me as a convenient target on whom to unleash all of her frustration. "You want to kill us?", she screamed at me, ignoring all my apologies. "Can't you see this path is for pedestrians? You cant park there, I'm gonna phone the Council and let them know.." Its a Monday morning, I thought to myself, the start of a new week. I wasn't going to start the day with an argument. So although this very spot was my favorite where I'd parked everyday uneventfully for the last 2 weeks or so, I quickly moved on and fortunately found somewhere else..but it was such a tight squeeze that by the time I'd managed to get the car in, I was already sweating profusely. And it was just 9am and the work day (which promises to be very busy one) hasn't even started. I wrote this post because I thought it would help calm my nerves and relieve the stress...and I really do feel better now..


Amooti, Uganda said...

Not to worry, new technology is coming soon. A brilliant Ugandan has come up with a very novel idea that will free us from the hassle of finding parking space.

Just imagine a high rising stark of shelves with the shelves being able to accomodate the size of a car and keeping your car there!

When you want to park your car, you drive it to onto a ramp on the base of the "Car Shelf" then step out. You insert your special car card into a slot in the machine and enter your car number. By hydrolic, your car will be raised to an appropriate empty slot on the shelf.

When you want to use your car, you insert your card and enter your reg number. Your beauty will be by your side with out any hassle and you will drive off!

Welcome to new age technology,

Anengiyefa said...

Lol Amooti, what a brilliant idea. I hope that this brilliant Ugandan knows how to spell the word hydraulic though..:)

Amooti, Uganda said...


Naijadude said...

aww poor baby! Come grab my always empty spot in my building!! hehe

Tamaku said...

Ouch, Amooti I feel for you! Anengiyefa you are lucky the residents of the estate don't seem to have residents' permits to display, that used to be a real bugbear of mine when I lived in London.

Anengiyefa said...

@ Amooti, surely you know how harmless that gibe was...

@Tamaku, Amooti and I have history. We both understand how sharp our tongues can be. So trust me, rather than cowering away, he's readying himself to unleash an assault of sorts on me. Problem is I can't tell where to put up the defences, since I don't know from which direction the attack will come, lol.

The residents of this particular estate won the right to park for free. The residents permits cost money too, oftentimes. I dont live on an estate, but because my street runs alongside a Premiership footbal stadium, I am required to stick a residents permit on my windscreen. Now, because the car arrived towards the end of the football season, I never got round to obtaining the resident's permit. So for the last few weeks of the season, on each match day I had to sit in my car for the duration of the game or until the ticket warden eventually came round and I offered an explanation...a proper pain in the axx lol

Amooti, Uganda said...

@Tamaku, with human nature, nothing is never really flawless, even a brilliant idea. To complete the picture there has to be a black spot somewhere! And the black spot can even be the spelling of a word in its presentation!

@Anengiyefa, the way I have known you, there is no way that that error in spelling could escape your notice now that I think about it.

Your blog posts are written with careful attention to spelling. For you, there is no such thing as "hw r u?" in your sms texts. It has to be "How are you?"

I give it to you and must confess you inspire me in that area.

See,no assault unleashed!

Anengiyefa said...

Amooti, silly me! I didn't appreciate how much of a good friend you are :)

Amooti, Uganda said...

Ha ha ha Anengiyefa there is nothing I can think of that you did to make it seem like you didnt appreciate!

Still think you are Silly? But again, may be you are, come to think of it, because it takes to be one to think the way you did!