Thursday, 4 June 2009

Still of interest

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on this blog this story about a Nigerian born British lady who was facing a possible death sentence in Laos for the crime of smuggling 680g (1.5lb) of heroin. Apparently, she was apprehended at that country's main international airport attempting to smuggle the drugs out of the country to Australia. Whilst in custody awaiting her trial, she was made pregnant by a person whose identity is as yet undisclosed. She has been brought to trial in the last few days and because of the pregnancy, was spared the mandatory death sentence. Conveniently, the UK government has within the last few weeks signed a prisoner exchange agreement with the government of Laos, which means that UK citizens sentenced to terms of imprisonment by Laotian courts can apply to be transferred to the UK to serve their sentence in a UK prison. It appears that this mysterious pregnancy has saved this woman's life. Follow the story here


Tamaku said...

She'll have plenty of time to think about where it all went twisted. Hope she learns her lesson.

Anengiyefa said...

She's lucky that she has British nationality to fall back on. Thats all that I can say. The silly girl!