Monday, 8 June 2009

What are those numbers?

At work I'm currently engaged in a very complex case that involves scrutinising accounting records for a series of organisations going back several years. Part of the task is to unravel very intricate accounting procedures and this is really getting to me. I never had it for numbers. Maths was always the lowest score on all of my report sheets from school. When I left school I thought I was done with maths, but now I know this was nothing more than wishful thinking. I've added up these figures multiple times, but each time I've come up with a different total. No, the calculator is functioning perfectly. The problem is with me! So I thought I should find out which part of my brain it is that is so crippled that it prevents me from coming up with the correct answer to any mathematical problem.

I looked here. And as far as I could tell, the dancing woman was rotating clockwise, which I am told suggests that I use the right side of my brain more. Now, going by what the right side of the brain is said to be responsible for, i.e.,

uses feeling

"big picture" oriented



symbols and images

present and future

philosophy & religion

can "get it" (i.e. meaning)



spatial perception

knows object function

fantasy based

presents possibilities


risk taking ,

it probably means that my ineptitude at mathematics is biological. Or is it? The functions of the left side of the brain I am told are:

use logic

detail oriented

facts rule

words and language

present and past

maths and science

can comprehend



order/pattern perception

knows object name

reality based

forms strategies



Well, since Maths falls into this category and critically, since I saw the dancer turning clockwise almost all of the time, I guess the right side of the brain it is for me. Although I'm told that most people would see her turning anti-clockwise.


Tamaku said...

Why is she not wearing any clothes? That's how they get you! lol!

Anengiyefa said...

Haha, Tamaku the funny thing is that my boss came to my desk when I was on that site and the only thing he saw was the nude woman. He seemed to think I was looking at soft porn and my explanation that this was in fact a mind game of sorts fell on deaf ears. I didn't like the expression on his face when left the office and I'm wondering what he will be saying to my colleagues...If only he knew that a nude woman is the last thing I would be looking at if I wanted to see porn lol