Sunday, 26 July 2009

Praising the Lord always..

Lord we lift up your name
With hearts full of praise
Be exhalted Oh Lord, our God
Hossanah in the highest..


Quitstorm said...

Iam so glad that the church is declining in Europe,and very sad that its thriving.

see this the compaign is on too here in Kampala

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Quitstorm,

What I'd like to say to that is this: Unlike with sexual orientation, religion is a matter of personal choice. Although the vast majority of us are born into one religion or another, it is our choice as adults to choose whether to continue to practice the religion or not, or even whether to switch to a different religion.

That the church is declining in Europe may be due to the fact that people in Europe are more aware of the choices that are available to them, unlike in Africa where the practice of religion is almost like a matter of course, without people thinking about why they hold particular religious beliefs, or whether they really want to practice the religion or not. In Africa it is expected for the individual to be allied to one religion or the othe, usually the religion into which he/she is born.

And because religion plays such an inordinately significant role in our national life, we find our legislators invoking their religious beliefs during parliamentary debates. It is very often that we hear our leaders condemning homosexuality, claiming that it is contrary to their religious beliefs. Laws are being passed on the basis of religious doctrine, in the process ignoring universally accepted rights for the individual. The paradox is that these African countries are secular states and have secular constitutions, which guarantee the right of individuals to the freedom of religion. That legislators should impose their religious beliefs on others who might not necessarily agree with them is unacceptable.

In Africa, the influence of religion on our national life is excessive. It is one of the reasons for our failure to adapt to modernity and evolve as other societies have succeeded in doing. We seem somehow to be stuck in the 19th Century.

Naijadude said...

Its so interesting how we Africans tend to live in the face of religions regardless on how we feel about the religion itself! The basis of Africans and religious is all about hypocrisy at its best!

c'est moi said...

Hey,we're having church! :)

Hmmm,i'm not so sure i agree 100% with what you say Anengiyefa(that bit about it being expected of one in Africa to align oneself's to a religion,usually that into which the individual is born)..

While growing up & later on in school & university i had friends & knew of people whose parents were either christians or moslems & who(ie the kids) were not practicing either & vice versa as well ie some whose parents were atheists/agnostics & their children were in some cases almost fanatically christian or moslem...those cases i found really interesting!

But oh yes! religion does play a HUGE part in the African society and the anti-gay bills & laws are apparently linked to religious doctrine which of course is totally wrong!

Anengiyefa said...

Yes c'est moi, we should have church sometimes, don't you think? :)

laBiscuitnapper said...

I think it's more the case where religion and cultural identity still go hand in hand - like in the Middle East - whereas in Europe, a greater affluence means a greater support for the individualistic ethic, one of the first victims of which being the ties that bind and the easiest of these to go is religion.

I see no evidence amongst the people I have met to suggest it's because people in Europe think more about their beliefs etc than Africans/Middle Eastern people/South Americans/etc do. On the contrary, most of the people I know who have seriously examined their faith/religion (and are often the most scientifically literate) tend to be religious themselves.

I am personally atheistic, but I like going to church, if only because the humanists don't do incense! And frankly, most are usually annoying middle class white types who are all too often rather condescending and ignorant - though that's improved (and got worse in certain respects) somewhat thanks to messrs Dawkins and Hitchens! Aside from the student socialist groups, noone else seems to care or be aware of world issues and at least the Anglicans are a *generally* reasonable lot in comparison...