Thursday, 23 July 2009

What to do? 2

Firstly, my profound thank-yous to Tamaku, Naughty Feeling, GNM, Rox and Mwistar who responded when I sought counsel. It was at a time when it was unclear to me how to handle the situation I found myself in my relationship. (By the way, all 5 of you guys have something in common with M. Figure it out for yourselves, lol.)

Secondly, let me say that I did listen to what everyone said, but as the saying goes, "who feels it, knows it". I know M, (or at least I think I do :-)), he isn't a monster. And although I do think that he can be insensitive sometimes, in actuality he is a gentle soul, who seems to share my desire for a lasting, meaningful and ecstatic relationship. He saw that I was upset and he came to me on bended knee. We have talked at length and it appears that finally it has dawned upon both of us the potential that exists for the relationship that we share. He has a way of warming his way back into my affections and I've been away from this blog for a few days because I've been so busy getting tickled in all those nooks and crannies that only he knows about.

Anyway, I just thought I should report back. Things are back to normal for the time being and I'm keeping my fingers crossed. :)


Mama Shujaa said...

I am glad things are working out. You are excused from this blog for as long as you need! :-)

Naughty feeling said...

Hey! glad to hear things worked out well. Congratulations are in the pipeline. Great to have you back.
Take care.

Mwistar said...

I'm happy that you guys worked it out... I guess happines is trully contagious.
Like Mama Shujaa said, take as much time as you need.
But remember, you will still owe us stories on other things you feel strongly about, when you comeback from cloud 9.

Tamaku said...

Hey buddy you're most welcome! And what is this we have in common with 'M'? Is 'M' from our neck of the woods? Have a lovely weekend. We're hosting friends from Germany so a little busy. Best wishes.

Naijadude said...

I'm happy things are looking better for you and M.... but I'd say be safe!!!

Rox said...

Hon am so happy that things are working out for you.Do dudes normally get that tell-tale after-glow that we women get in the wake of such, er, "getting tickled"??....... You're always welcome my friend.

Am also back to Dar and pleasantly surprised to fidn some more Garuba to indulge in! xoxo

Anengiyefa said...

Yaaaay, Rox is back! It great to have you back my friend, although last time I checked, Kenya was on the list of countries with internet access.

Oh, that afterglow thing. It never really occured to me that the afterglow might be restricted to only chicks. Yes babe, dudes do get the afterglow too. You know how he collapses and appears to be in a daze afterwards? Thats the afterglow my