Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Burundi: Gays and Lesbians Face Increasing Persecution

Community Members Speak Out Against New Law Criminalising Homosexual Behaviour

July 29, 2009 (Human Rights Watch)

Bujumbura - An April 2009 law that criminalises homosexual conduct threatens to exacerbate the deplorable treatment of gays and lesbians in Burundi, Human Rights Watch said in a multimedia project published today.

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"Human Rights Watch has called upon the government of Burundi to listen to the voices of Burundi's gays and lesbians, and to urgently reform the criminal code so as to end the state discrimination against this group of Burundian citizens."


Anonymous said...

What is criminal in personal sexual preference? Methinks narrowmindedness should be criminalised!

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Ladylyf, if we did that my friend, our prisons will be bursting at the seams, lol. What should happen is widespread education, designed to illuminate the darkness that has a stronghold on our people and broaden their minds too. Don't you think so?

And by the way, to do this, folks like me cannot continue hiding away in a cupboard somewhere. Its about time for people to come out and speak up. Its important for us to be understood and this can only happen when they know who we are.

Amooti, Uganda said...

Hi Anengiyefa, its all good that we should stop hiding in the cupboards but then again it is also very important that as we come out openly about our sexuality so that they know who we are, they should be awed by their discovery.

It should amaze them that the nice and decent dudes that they have always found likeable are what they have found out. That discovery is bound to have their eyes opened!

Illuminating their darkness alone does not mean that their eyes are now open to see the light.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Amooti, illuminating the darkness means that in the light they can more readily see that they were always wrong. I'm not sure if we're disagreeing on this. It doesn't seem so to me. :)