Wednesday, 12 August 2009

This Wednesday Lunchtime

I logged in this afternoon to find that my friend Tamaku had posted this and I just sat back and thought. What's on my mind? At work I'm currently faced with making some very tough decisions in a matter where my opponents are extremely fierce and combative, and whose client is very rich, whereas my client is quite broke and therefore somewhat impotent. The last 10 days or so have been gruelling, so please pardon me for being a bit scarce recently.

Coming back to what I was saying, there is this tough job I've been working on where the likelihood is very real that I might not even get paid in the end after several months of arduous effort. Indeed there is every possibility that the court shall make a substantial wasted-costs order against me personally, ordering me to cough up huge sums of money for wasting everybody's time, even though I do genuinely believe that my client's case is meritorious. But its one of those cases where money shows its power, where justice is bought by he who is able to pay more for it. I am angry that my client has been unable to afford the specialist and expert assistance that he requires to pursue his case adequately. But again, maybe I should have recognised this sooner.

So I have these upsetting thoughts running through my mind this Wednesday lunchtime, but I can still find the room to think about boys (I prefer to call them MEN) and yes, sex! So thanks to Tamaku for relieving some of my tension. Have a good day everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hi, this is my first comment on your blog although I must confess that I've been a regular reader. You have a way with words and I admire the way you write about issues that you care about, which are quite apart from your sexual orientation.

As a straight man myself, I think I would be unsatisfied if I only talked about my sexual attraction to the opposite sex. You are succeeding in making us realise how ordinary and normal homosexuality is. I appreciate what youre doing. Keep it up.

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Anonymous, thanks for your comment. I am pleased to know that someone somewhere thinks as you do. I find encouragement in your words. I'm grateful, and please do keep coming back as you say you have been doing.