Monday, 21 September 2009

Something in the stars maybe

Its been surprisingly interesting recently, surprising because my love life which has been rather lacklustre for a while now, abruptly became revived, and not because I'd done anything out of the ordinary. Its been kind of exciting too. It began when my ex R whom I had previously given up on romantically, suddenly decided that he was still interested in me enough to want to be in my company as frequently as he could manage it. Then K whom I'd always fancied and hoped would one day see sense and come for those goodies that I have to offer, called me while he was away on a business trip and said that he wished I was there with him, lingering on the phone for longer than I've ever known him to.

I had to travel to a part of town where parking is almost impossible, but because A lives in the neighbourhood I knew I could park in his yard next to his car, so I did this and went about my business. My boss too happened to have attended the same place, but on different business. Having finished his before I did mine, he waited for me, knowing that I had come with my car. My boss always avoids driving unless he absolutely has to. So when I finished I told him to wait while I fetched my car from where I'd parked it. But arriving at A's yard, I thought it would be wrong if I didn't pop in to say hello. A opened the door, he had been at work the previous night and the doorbell had roused him from sleep. Opening the door he was in a t-shirt and while my boss was waiting, I was busy hugging up a man.. Later that day even M whom I'd since thought was history, unexpectedly appeared out of the blue, telling me how much he's missed me. He even said those famous three words to me. All of this happened within the last week! And I'm pinching myself, wondering..

The Earth and the Moon must be in some kind of alignment. I think I'll look up my horoscope in the papers tomorrow on the train to Birmingham. Its only a day trip, work related, and I should be back later in the day because something exciting might happen and I wouldn't want to miss it..


Anne said...

So did it? I like.

Anengiyefa said...

Heehee, hi Anne, you're one foxy lady.. :)

c'est moi said...


Yeah,something in the stars maybe..but it does feel terribly exhilarating to be so deliciously desired all of a sudden by so many delectable suitors & admirers doesn't it?

Been there before & absolutely revelled in the attention,i must add!,wink & smile :)