Monday, 26 October 2009

Bad temper

It was one of those days today. I arrived at work just before 7am. It was Monday morning and I was fresh, sprightly and rearing to go. I was first to arrive in the building as I like to be, and especially so when I have a point or two to prove to my boss, in other words, when I want to impress him. :)

Anyway, it was all good until things started to go downhill. First of all, arriving at the front door I searched my pockets for my keys to the building, a fruitless search that became more frantic by the second. In fact, so hot under the collar and frenetic was I becoming that I grew vaguely aware of a sense of embarrassment, since I was standing (and pulling out my pockets) on a very busy rush-hour pavement. (I didn't want to think about all those stares I was attracting). Needless to say, it was pointless searching for your keys in pockets that are empty, so hefting my briefcase, I made my way back to the Council housing estate behind our building, where I had triumphantly beat everyone to it and parked my car in that coveted parking space close to the exit. Suffice it to say that the search of the car produced no positive results either. Those keys were nowhere in sight. And it was still 7am!

So of course when 9am rolled along and Sheila, our very prim, very efficient and very punctual Mauritian secretary turned the corner and made her brisk way towards me standing on the pavement in front of the building, the relief was palpable. Sure, I'd spent much of the intervening 2 hours sitting in the car listening to the radio, but I was angry that the task I'd set for myself this morning would not now be accomplished, since I'd no longer have the peace and quiet needed for it. The phone won't stop ringing, and then there would be this instruction to give to Sheila regarding something that just arrived in the post, or that client to see; this phone call to take and that representation to make..and I would get so god awful busy..and that task that was meant to be done early this morning will remain undone, unless I dared to put in a few hours after everyone's gone home in the evening..

My favourite time of day is in the early morning. I like the freshness of the air, the birdsong, the peace. My mind is at its sharpest at this time and this is when I like to take on the most difficult things that I have to take on mentally. But it is also the time when I like to listen to Magic FM, and while still in my dressing gown, sit in front of the computer with a piping mug of coffee. I missed out on this this morning because I had to rush to work. And it appears that it was in rushing out of the flat that I neglected to move the office keys from my rucksack, the one that I'd taken with me over the weekend when I'd stopped over at the office.

Which of course means that the task that I set out to do early this morning has still not been done and its now nearly 9pm. And I've been bad tempered all day. I even snarled at Sheila. Poor thing, she's so good natured and always so warm. I know she'll understand that I was in a bad mood and I intend to apologise to her the minute she steps into the office tomorrow. I'll be the first to arrive and I will have my keys ...


Naughty feeling said...

hey. we all get to have those typical mondays. just don't let it get to you. i am wishing you a beautiful week ahead. take care.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi NF, yes youre right, it was just one of those days.

Today Tuesday has been more even paced and I even managed to sort out that task early this morning... Thanks and hope youre doing well. :)

Anengiyefa said...
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