Thursday, 8 October 2009

Moving away?

I'm toying with the idea of packing up and moving over to WordPress. For a sneak preview click here. Now having done so, please let me know what you think..


Jude Dibia said...

I've seen it and I like! It has a freshness to its feel...

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Jude, thanks for your comment. You know that feeling you sometimes get when you're unable to make a decision one way or the other? Thats where I am right now. I was kind of hoping that someone would make the decision for me, lol, but I guess I'm not going to be so lucky. We'll see how it all pans out.. :)

Molisa Nyakale said...

peace bro! i know that feeling, I've been there many times before.....that limbo is powerful too. where do you wanna go? no one can make that decision for you.

i did look at the wordpress blog though, and I'd say move......ofcourse I'm biased as a wordpresser, and you're right it's not that user friendly...infact I was thinking maybe you could teach me how to customise it.

how did you use your own pic as a header? i'm not that technologically proficient :)

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Molisa, how nice it is to find you here. Welcome. :)

Well with Blogger all of that stuff about uploading pics, customising your blog etc is easy enough. But anyone who has read my blog for any reasonable length of time knows that I have often admitted that I'm technophobic! The thought of having to manipulate a complicated gadget makes me not quite physically sick, but close. So to have to explain a technical procedure as you have asked me to, I find myself in uncharted waters, since I'm the one who is often asking those kind of questions. :)Anyway, I'll do my best.

On the left side of your Dashboard, between Polls and Users you will find 'Appearance'. Click on 'Appearance' and the 'Themes' window opens. There are a total of 77 Themes from which you can choose. I have said this becaus not all the themes are compatible with custom headers. Now go back to the 'Appearance' icon, which by now will have a drop-down box, with 'Themes', 'Widgets', 'Extras','Custom Header' and 'Edit CSS'

Your current theme will also already be displayed at the top of the Themes window. You can test your current theme to see if it is compatible with a custom header. If it isn't you may need to change your Theme.

To upload your own photo click on 'Custom Header', which will open another window titled "Your Header Image" and a box requiring you to upload a Header photo, one that is already saved on your computer. Click on 'Browse' and this takes you into your 'Pictures' folder on your computer's hard drive. Double click on the photo of your choice and then click 'Upload' on the 'Your Header Image' page. Once upload is complete, a notice comes up informing you that its complete and then you may have to crop the size of the pic to comply with WordPress specifications. Don't worry, instructions are displayed on the screen.

Hahaha, I know it seems complicated, but in reality is a piece of cake.

Phew!, I've done my very best to be as explicit as possible. I hope it helps.. :) Thanks again for dropping in Molisa. I'm honoured. :)

Rox said...

Finally I show up. I kinder like the other blog, though as much as I like the Malawi header, the one here just blows me away, there is something peaceful about it too. Am hoping that if you do make the move I will not have as much trouble posting comments as I just did now. That said, you do know I'll follow you wherever you go right? Am not about to miss out on fabulous writting

In unrelated matters, I tried out Google chrome and I like!

Also quite randomly, the word verification that I've been given is, "strocks", lol, in Kenya that might mean something else altogether

Anengiyefa said...

lol Rox, its good to see you back. You didn't say what 'strocks' means in Kenya. I'm waiting ..

I too thought that WordPress was less welcoming than Blogger, especially for those who like me are challenged in technical matters.. But their blog themes are kind of neat, although somewhat limited in what you can do with them. I like Blogger more, and I'm going to stick with this blog here, but when I do post anything on the other site, I'll notify everyone here too..