Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Where is Garuba?

What happened to him, that hero of the story that has been appearing episode by episode on this blog? I've been asked that question quite a few times, on the blog and off it. And I've asked myself the same question too, but have so far been unable to come up with a satisfactory answer, even to myself.

Let me do some explaining here..The story was inspired by real events. The person telling the story did go away to northern Nigeria for his National Youth Service all those years ago. And yes, Garuba was a real person, although it is doubtful that all of the other characters were. Its also debatable whether the events as described in the story represent the actuality of what happened in Bauchi, during the period when the person telling the story was there.

I am making this confession so as to make it more apparent the extent of creativity that has had to brought into writing the story. And for some weird inexplicable reason, creativity is far away me at the moment. I guess this is what is famously described as 'writer's block', because somehow I've been kept back from progressing the plot of the story in my mind. The 'muse' has gone away on holiday, lol. But I don't expect it should be too long before he finds his way back, fully recharged.

Its a simple explanation, maybe a little hollow too. But what can be said about it is that its an honest explanation and is an attempt to pacify those who have asked questions. This is the absolute truth about why nothing has been written since the 7th of September. I'm hopeful that this 'creativity drought' will soon pass. In fact, I'm pretty certain that it will.. :)


Naughty feeling said...

am down on bended knees praying your writer's block away. i am earnestly, i mean earnestly awaiting my favorite character's return, oh, how i await him. take care.

Rox said...

He has to come back surely, you have made addicts of some of us. We need our Garuba dose my friend...... All the best, am sure it'll be worth the wait

Anengiyefa said...

Hi NF & Rox, you know interestingly I had you both in mind when I was typing this post..I thought I ought to say something..

Its never happened to me before when my mind just goes blank..something to do with being busy at work maybe, but that excuse is just so tired, I can't really use it safely, lol.

I'll make amends soon, I promise :)

Mama Shujaa said...

Yes, I look forward to the next installment and completely understand the 'writer's block'.

Anengiyefa said...

Mama Shujaa, I hear you. I'll try not to disappoint.. :)