Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New York says no!

The New York State Senate defeated a bill today that would legalize same-sex marriage, after an emotional debate that touched on civil rights, family and history. The vote means that the bill, pushed by Gov. David A. Paterson, is effectively dead for the year and dashes the optimism of gay rights advocates, who have had setbacks recently in several key states.

The bill was defeated by a decisive margin of 38 to 24. The Democrats, who have a bare, one-seat majority, did not have enough votes to pass the bill without some Republican support, but not a single Republican senator voted for the measure. Still, several key Democrats who were considered swing votes also opposed the bill.

Read the full story as reported by The New York Times.


Anonymous said...
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c'est moi said...

oh drat!

But what about the Washington D.C. one?i thought i read some positive update about it a few days ago..

Oh well,the struggle continues,eh?
"Aluta continua,victoria acerta"! :)

Anengiyefa said...

Hi C'est moi, it appears that some people still haven't come to accept that the right to the pursuit of happiness is a right that every human being is entitled to, even in the West where all the information is accessible and is out there... Its about people's prejudices, methinks..