Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Computer troubles..help please

Just to let everyone know why things have been rather quiet around here..

Last Wednesday, I started my desktop computer in the early morning, as is my usual practice. I went to make a mug of coffee, came back to the computer, checked emails and stuff, then leaving the computer still running, I went upstairs to shower and dress for work. This has been my morning routine for years, so I didn't expect that anything would go wrong.

All dressed and ready for work, I returned downstairs for a final check of my emails and blogs that I follow. On arrival at the desk however, I noticed that the computer had restarted itself.. Yeah, it does that sometimes when an update has happened, as I'm sure you all know. So I thought nothing of this and rather than continue the start up process, I clicked on "shut down". I was running a bit late after all...

On returning to the flat in the evening, I went straight to the computer and switched it on.. Everything seemed fine at first until I attempted to go online. My preferred browser is Google Chrome, but it failed to connect. So thinking that this was a problem was with the browser, I tried Firefox and then Internet Explorer. None of them worked. So I thought this might be a problem with Virginmedia, my service provider. I got on the phone and after listening to a machine for several minutes and following its instructions by pressing several buttons on the phone, I finally heard it say, "If the fault is with your broadband Internet, press 4", which I did. Eventually, a rather pleasant gentleman with a Liverpool accent came on the line and introduced himself as Trevor.

I explained to Trevor what had happened. With great patience he talked me through several procedures, checking to see if the fault was with the wiring, or if the computer was in fact connected to the Internet. Trevor could find nothing wrong from his end. The computer was indeed connected to the Internet. But there just seemed to be something in the computer itself that was blocking it from making the connection. Trevor remained on the phone with me for the best part of an hour, but at the end of it all, we both realised that this problem had nothing to do with Virginmedia. The problem was with the computer itself.

Last evening I was speaking to young David, my new-found heartthrob. It was he who suggested that perhaps this has been caused by a virus. Now, I know very little about computers, viruses and stuff like that. Is it possible for a virus to have infected my computer, crippling it and preventing it from connecting to the Internet? Might it be that when I'd found that the computer had restarted itself that morning, it was because of the virus? If indeed the problem is with a virus infection, what can I do to get rid of it?

I'm contemplating purchasing a new computer, but this hurts, since the current one is hardly a year old and has performed flawlessly thus far. I'm having to type this while sitting at my desk at the office and I generally don't like the idea of writing blogs while at work...its so much more relaxed and private at home..



run anti-virus software. There are some free ones you can get at cnet.com - Avira, AVG etc. Run multiple programs to catch the scoundrel. Also procure an anti-malware program like Malwarebytes (free). If that doesn't work, find a friend who knows about computers and have them clean your harddrive or take it in to someone official. If those cats can't help you, then, sorry, you might need to buy a new laptop.

Hope it all works out for you!

CodLiverOil said...

Buying a new computer is a bit drastic.
1) You may have to try re-installing a browswer, like internet explorer. (If that fails)

2) You will need to take your pc to someone who can diagnose it and remove any virus should one exist.

3) After you have cleansed the hard drive, install anti-virus software that auto-updates, like


4) The worst that it should come to would be to re-install the software on your pc (minus the virus, should one exist). That should be a lot cheaper than a new computer.

5) Goodluck

Naughty feeling said...

Hey! sorry to hear about the problem. But it does explain your silence. I aint no computer genius but i think it is a virus. I think you should go with cod liver above. It sounds better than having to splurge on a new one. Hope u solve it soon though.

Quitstorm said...

Sorry Man,i hope you have to defrag your computer disk,go to programme line up,then to accessories,then to system tools and click on disk defragment.

please not that you must close the running proggramess when doing so,

wishes u the best

Free Surf said...

Make sure your modem/router hasn't fried.

I experienced that once while living in a house with 5 other "pirates". In between ourselves we made the modem go gaga till it
finally gave up the ghost. Luckily the landlord didn't charge us for a new one ;)

P.S: When do we expect the formal introduction of David? No mind me. E don tey wey I gossip. lol

Femme Lounge said...

sorry about your computer problems, i have a fair share of mone in recent times too. dont give up on the computer just yet, if it s a virus then all you have to do is to run an antivirus.

Rox said...

Computer problems, anti-virus, bla bla bla.... lets get down to the really important things, THERE IS A YOUNG HEART-THROB IN THE PICTURE???? Hmmm, why haven't I been here sooner? (find the answer for that on my latest post)........ But seriously Anen, I am sooooooo excited for you? Is he hot? Come one, give us all the details, am on the edge of my seat here, I want all the details...... I miss you so much but am feeling better so I'll be here more often.

P/S: I will nag, beg, bug, till I get a post on Mr. YHT! (Young Heart Throb)