Saturday, 6 February 2010

Living in the shadows..

A documentary reflecting the issues of 'Being gay in Kenya' is in the pipeline and with it, producers say they want to break the myth that gays and lesbians do not exist in the country, as believed by some members of society.

Comprising of first hand experiences of gay Kenyans, the documentary reveals issues of homophobia, stereotyping and stigma in a society in which the majority feel that homosexuality is unAfrican and unbiblical. In the documentary, some participants reveal how they have had to stay in the closet for fear of being identified as gay, while others are said to live double lives in order to fit into society. Others talk of the many gatherings often held, populated by respectable members of society, such as teachers, lawyers and even politicians..

As reported on Behind the Mask. Click here to read more.


THERishouldbeAPY said...

I've actually heard people say that LGBT people don't exist in Nigeria... I seriously was starting to believe this for awhile until I got to college and met ONE.

This is a harmful belief and I wish Nigeria was a safe enough place where people could come out and show the country THEY DO EXIST.

Anengiyefa said...

Hello THERishouldbeAPY, thanks for your comment. I do agree with you. However, I also believe that for those Nigerians and other Africans who have managed to leave Africa and who now live in societies where their physical safety is more or less guaranteed (especially in the West), there really is no excuse to remain in hiding, since what this does is to perpetuate the fallacy that gay Nigerians/Africans do not exist, or that homosexuality is somehow alien to Africa.

The unfortunate thing is that many gay Africans having been brought up in a society that condemns them, imbibe the false notion that there's something wrong with them and therefore experience difficulty accepting themselves..