Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Nigerian soldiers killing civilians

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Nigerian soldiers killing civilians


CodLiverOil said...

I saw the video clip. All I will say is this. From such a bright beginning, the country has continued to slide downhill in no uncertain manner. Sometimes at a faster rate than others, nevertheless the decline and degeneration of Nigeria is undeniable.

The news that comes from there is ever more grim and disheartening.

It seems that evil holds sway, no matter what the so-called outspoken religious camp may say.

If it's not bad enough that civilians can murder one another, be it individually or collectively as in Kuru Jenta in Plateau, and no action is taken. The bastion of law and order, the arm of the government (who should know better) ie the police and military have time and time again, shown they are no better, in general a waste of time. Has integrity died in a nation of 130 million plus people? Is there no right and wrong? Is there no regard for human life in any shape or form?

The Brazilian consul to Haiti made a negative comment about African's which was largely considered racist, in the light of the recent tragedy that befell the country (Haiti).


I can say that the conduct of Nigeria, re-enforces his questionable view. The country is indeed to put it mildly "messed up". People can not lay the blame elsewhere as they would like to do, to excuse themselves. The blame lies with Nigerians and their liking for the "easy way out". Until this basic truth is acknowledged and acted upon the country will continue to descend into unknown depths of depravity, disorder and despair, until everyone who dwells within it's borders is consumed.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi CodLiverOil,

How true what you say. I am surprised when I hear Nigerians expressing optimism in the face of the current situation, when the actuality is that none of us are willing to lift a finger with regard to taking real action to bring about real change. All the talking that we've been doing has had no effect on the cabal who insist on maintaining a stranglehold on the country and its resources..

CodLiverOil said...

Do you think it's just the present leadership? For the most part the leadership in Nigeria has been lame, and the same characteristic mismanagement has always been there. But because of a unchecked population growth and a stagnating economy, the fruits of poor planning or lack of planning are now coming to bear. In short I think the blame not only rests with the current leadership but also with their predecessors and the general public for allowing such people to assume such positions at all levels of government.

tracy said...

That is just heartbreaking, beyond any words. So very horrible. And to think such vicious acts are happening the world over. What can be done??