Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Throwing tantrums needlessly..

Now I feel a bit silly for getting upset because my computer refused to connect to the Internet. I'm knocking myself over the head for having always clicked on "cancel" whenever the prompt to update my security popped up on the screen..

Thanks to Ade the chap who does our office IT, who was gracious enough to allow me a late evening telephone call. We had been on the phone for about 10 minutes when he miraculously diagnosed my computer problem.

"Do you have a PCWorld close to where you live?" Ade asked

"Why, sure.." came the answer.

"Go in there and get yourself up-to-date protection for your computer. Norton, McAfee any such, then uninstall whatever protection that you have and install the new one.."

The truth is that I didn't even know that I had Norton installed on my computer. I do remember though that sometime last year, a friend came round to help me out with my computer, installing this and that, most of which I'd never really understood..

Anyway, it transpired that the Norton 360 on my PC had expired and I had ignored the countless warnings I'd been given over the last several months. So taking Ade's advice I popped into the PCWorld place this morning and obtained the Norton 360 3.0, talking to the store assistant like I was some kind of computer expert, struggling to remember everything Ade had said on the phone last night.

I couldn't wait to get home this evening and having now installed the new antivirus, I'm back online. Its such a relief. With hand on heart I now make this solemn oath: I swear that from this day forth, I shall click on "YES" each time a prompt pops up on my screen to update anything. So help me God!

And I wasn't going to end this without saying my thank yous to Solomonsydelle, CodLiverOil, Naughty feeling, Quitstorm, Free surf and Femme Lounge for advice that was almost the same as what Ade gave me. Thanks all..


Naughty feeling said...

Oh! That's lovely! you're welcome anytime for my half-witted answers. Now, onto more important matters, Garuba...

Anengiyefa said...

Hmm, Garuba.. :)

JoaR said...

ahhh...simple pleasures!!!!