Saturday, 3 April 2010

Arik Air and other things..

I was doing some background reading on the Nigerian airline Arik Air and on the Wikipedia page, under the heading 'Incidents' was the following:

March 31,2010: Arik Air,a Boeing 737-700 en route to Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria from Calabar was evacuated immediately after a Audi Salon car crashed into it from behind. The rickety salon car, painted blue and white, the official colour pattern of registered taxis in Calabar, ran into the aircraft just as the aircraft doors were being shut. A man, who claimed that he is Jesus Christ, emerged from the car after the collision and declared that he had made the desperate move to save the aircraft from an impending crash. The man, who carried a huge bible and a huge cross, said he was trying to save the aircraft, a Boeing 737-700, and the passengers departing Calabar for Abuja. The man was promptly arrested by airport officials.[13]

They even kindly provided us with a photo of the "incident".

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