Sunday, 11 April 2010

The Gay Professor who died..

Photo courtesy of The Hindu

Dr Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras was a professor at Aligarh Muslim University in India (and here). At age 64, he was Reader and Chair of Modern Indian Languages at the university. The university suspended him from its employ for "misonduct" and "immoral sexual acivity" in the privacy of his home, based on a video where he had been, without consent, filmed having gay sex. The university started an inquiry against him and also forced him out of his university accommodation.

The police registered the various offences committed against Dr Siras including criminal intimidation, assault, trespass and wrongful confinement only when pressure was brought upon them. Last week, upon an application by Dr Siras, the Allahabad High Court had stayed his suspension, ordered his reinstatement and the return to him of his accommodation. On 7 April, he was found dead in mysterious circumstances. He had been dead for 2-3 days apparently.

According to GayTalkRadio, the professor is reported as telling The Indian Express newspaper, which claimed that it had spoken to the professor on Monday after the ban was lifted, "I want to go to America, I want to teach Marathi. Not the literature, the language. America is the only place where I will be free to be gay." On Wednesday he was found dead at his home.

Indian gay NGOs are now circulating a petition calling on the Indian President to delve more profoundly into the case. Click here to view (and sign?) the petition.


Jacob Woods said...

The whole story is perplexing because it is like sex has become wrong to have. Not only is gay sex wrong all sex is now wrong. I am of the essence use it responsibly or loose it. I mean if your minding your own business wit someone you consent with there is nothing wrong with having sex.

The idea that America is better with this is true in the fact your less likely to die. But you would be better off moving to Europe.

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Jacob

It has not been suggested that the sex he is alleged to have been having was not consensual. And the fact that he was filmed without his consent is shocking. Hence the court's ruling in his favour that overturned the suspension and the police being compelled to investigate the criminal aspects of the university's actions.

Its unfortunate he didn't live to see the outcome of those investigations, but let us hope that his death will not mean that the investigations will be closed, although word is that his family is pushing for a further investigation even of the death itself. And then there is the matter of the petition..

I agree about Europe being less conservative than most other places in matters relating to sex and sexuality.

THERishouldbeAPY said...

That sounds very suspicious. I hope the find out exactly what happened and punish whoever, if anyone, is to responsible. Poor man...