Thursday, 1 April 2010

Southern Sudan food security alert

In November last year I wrote this post on the escalating violence in South Sudan, which although it had claimed more lives in 2009 than the conflict in Darfur, was largely ignored by the Western media. This evening the BBC aired a report on the worsening conditions in Akobo, one of the places visited by the reporters whose report on the crisis in South Sudan, laid the ground for my post back in November.

I was particularly touched this evening when I heard that the situation in the area has worsened so significantly, that the area around Akobo in Jonglei State has now been confirmed by Aid agencies as the "hungriest place on earth". There are warnings of an impending food emergency in the entire area. Please click here to watch the BBC report. You may also want to listen to this audio report from the BBC World Service airing the voices of some of the victims of attacks in the area.

An in-depth analysis of the situation in Jonglei by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network and an assessment of the threat of famine and starvation of the unfortunate innocent civilian victims of this conflict can be found here. (pdf* format 182.9 kbytes)

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