Wednesday, 14 April 2010

What to do with my Wednesday?

I don't know if this happens to others too, but there are days when I just do not feel like doing anything serious, such as work! And this is just one of such days..So I am seated at my desk now typing this post, thinking about how best I can spend the rest of today outside the office.

I want to put aside all those worries about money and about work. My job is such that its impossible to leave it behind at the office when you go home, since the work is mostly about intellectual and mental input. So in one's mind one is constantly joggling different strategies and possibilities in respect of every single client's case in which one is involved. And of these there are several.

Okay, there's Mrs M who later this morning should be arriving to unload some cash into the office coffers. So for this reason alone, I shall endure until I've attended to her and shown her out.. Then I shall suddenly develop a severe headache that demands urgent medical attention. And then I shall make my escape..

London on a typical weekday morning is terribly unexciting, and I might very well find myself eventually back at home in front of the telly. But at the moment, even that seems more interesting than sitting here in this office. But I must first of all treat myself to something special at that Chinese place on the Charing Cross Road. Some roast duck at round about noontime sounds just perfect. Then, as much as I dislike shopping, I think perhaps that is what I should do. I haven't been to
Jermyn Street for a while, so I'll go there. And I'll try to be careful, so that by the time I'm done and making my way back to Piccadilly Circus tube station on my way home, I'm neither hefting bags of shopping, nor am I several hundred pounds poorer. Oh, but there are the t-shirts for summer that I'd wanted to get for John and those jeans, the ones I've been putting off buying for myself for years..

Suddenly, it looks as if this day is going to be more interesting after all than I'd thought...

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