Friday, 23 April 2010

Whatever happened to that goat...errm, armed robber?

Early last year many of us heard/read about the goat that was arrested by Kwara State Police in Nigeria. At the time of the report in January 2009, the goat was held in custody in a cell at a police station in Ilorin the Kwara State capital.

Okay, for anyone who didn't already know, these are the facts of the story: A vigilante group were chasing two men who they suspected were armed robbers. It is alleged that the two armed men had attempted to snatch a Mazda car from its rightful owner. Both fled when accosted by the vigilantes and while one of the men escaped, the second man stood with his back against a wall and transformed from a human being into a goat. The vigilantes quickly captured the goat and took it to the police station, alleging that the goat was the man who they believed was an armed robber. The Police then promptly arrested the goat and the Vanguard Newspaper of Nigeria published a photo of the said goat when it was paraded before journalists by the Kwara State Police. Below is a reference to that report in the Vanguard, just in case you don't believe me..


Anyway, as stated in the excerpt above, (although having read the Vanguard report myself, I know that that report stated that it was in Ilorin, Kwara State that this is said to have occurred), the story was widely reported in the international media, even by the BBC no less. Here too and here and here. And there are several others too many to point to.

I'll put this down to to the fact that the Nigeria Police has been unable to guarantee any degree of security for Nigerians. And consequently, many citizens are having to rely on untrained and often uneducated civilian vigilantes to provide the security that is so badly needed. Also, there is the fact that with little education comes the likelihood that many of these people are superstitious. And although, as the BBC reports, the Nigeria Police attempted to debunk claims that the policemen proudly paraded the goat before journalists, there can be no denying the fact that levels of education among the members of the Nigeria Police Force too, leaves much to be desired.

Alright, what has prompted me to revive this old story? Well, its just that since after the worldwide sensation that this story caused, nothing more has been heard from the Kwara State Police about that goat armed robber. Has anyone else wondered, as I am doing, about what happened to that goat? My guess is that it is most likely the goat has ended its criminal lifestyle in the manner appearing hereunder, as goat suya.

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Quitstorm said...

I recall well that story.I did try to inquire about its whereabouts or if it ever faced justice. That's Africa for you.Not even Africans understand it.