Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Shell, a satirical company profile


codliveroil said...

With the goings on in the Gulf of Mexico, ie the oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. This should be a wake up call to oil exporters/ producers to review their safety procedures and revamp them where they are inadequate.

If America is rendered relatively helpless at the hands of BP. Think of "yeye" Nigeria with its hapless, corrupt, selfish and uncaring officialdom.

But to date Nigerians have proved to be well and truly myopic, so true to form nothing will be done. Don't forget in addition to non-existent safety regime, there are militants to add to the equation.

People need to do more than merely go into prayer over-drive when calling God's name, they have to be pro-active not merely re-active and disorganised.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Codliveroil,

From the look and feel of things, the degradation of the environment in the Niger Delta is a non-issue as far as officialdom in Nigeria is concerned.

The oil companies too have themselves taken full advantage of the propensity of our people to be narrowly concerned more for their own immediate personal gain, rather than about the well-being of the generality of those whose welfare should be their utmost responsibility.

Sadly I don't expect Shell to be cleaning up their act any time soon..