Sunday, 20 June 2010

My World Cup so far..

Its the dead of night as I type this post. John and I are together this weekend, but he's long gone upstairs to bed after an evening of brooding over Ghana's 1 - 1 draw with Australia. He was unhappy that I refused to be as angry about the draw as he was. And when I pointed out that at the Ghanaian barber's salon at the bottom of our road, right on the street was gathered a fairly large crowd of Ghanaian people celebrating the draw, dozens of their parked cars festooned with Ghana flags, singing, dancing, playing conga drums, vuvuzelas at full blast, this just got him more vexed..

Okay, let me make a confession. I do like football, but maybe the actuality is that I'm a bit more interested in the footballers than in the game itself. I have memories of how as a child I would watch the Nigerian national team play on television and find myself comparing the players, one against the other, until I decided upon one particular player that I fancied the most. That player would be my hero at every game thereafter and I would look forward to seeing him play, regardless of how well or how badly he or the team played. I looked forward to matches so I could see him again, until such a time as when he didn't make the team. Then I would quickly overcome my disappointment and move on to another player. It was always to do with their looks. The well-built good looking ones were my favourites. Sometimes I would fancy more than one player at a time, and this is especially true with the Brazilian team...

Anyway, going back to John, we've been watching most of the World Cup games together, but I think its kind of annoying for him that rather than agree (or disagree) with him about what he thought the coach should be doing, I would instead quip about some player's luscious lips, or make some other similarly irrelevant comment. Lol. Today was particularly interesting because I was completely awestruck by the Cameroon player Achille Emana and couldn't stop talking about how adorable I think he is.. Actually, I was being naughty because I knew how upset John already was about the Ghana - Australia result earlier on and I was acutely aware that I had not at any time during that game showed even the slightest interest in any of the Ghana players, (the one I would have commented about was on the bench). (And if you didn't already know, John is Ghanaian).

At the end of the Cameroon - Denmark game, the camera zoomed in on a shirtless Achille Emana as he strode towards the tunnel. And trust me on seeing this finely chiselled body, to go "Oh! Oh! Ah!", my hands clutched to my chest, feigning a heart attack. Perhaps this was too much for John, because he abruptly got up and left the room. After several minutes, I went looking for him and brought him back to the sofa, where I calmly explained to him that none of this was serious and that even if a situation arose where I was in a position to choose between these people on TV and John, I would choose him every time. No, I admire these fancy footballers, but they are no more than digital pictures on my TV screen. John is real. He is flesh and blood and warm and loving. Besides, his abs are to die for..

I shooed him off to bed after he'd drifted to sleep, head cradled in my lap while still on the sofa. And now I think its my bedtime too. Before I leave though, I can't help wondering why it is that some men enjoy receiving the baby treatment..

I know if John reads this he'll probably throttle me, so if you guys don't hear from me again, you know the reason.. Ciao! :)


CodLiverOil said...

Finally, you decided to mention the world cup.

As you know, the time difference here, means that football comes on in the early hours of the morning. So I miss a lot of matches.

I predicted Ghana would draw against Australia (1 -1), not here but at work. Ghana seemed to lack fire power up front and have repeatedly shown that they can't take advantage of the fact that when their opponents are down to 10 men they can capitalise on it. This was the case for Serbia and now Australia.

You painted one scene of Ghanaians following the world cup in London. How about this, I was on my way to work, at the local railway station. A couple walked onto the platform, one black man ( I had seen him before but hadn't realised he was Ghanaian) and one white woman. Nothing unusual about that. they were both young, early twenties. He was clutching a mini-Australian flag, and she was clutching a mini-Ghanaian flag. They were teasing each other about who would win in tonights (yesterday's competition) match, how sweet.

(How did I know he was a Ghanaian, by the way he spoke). Here there are public venues where people could follow the exploits of the socceroos live at the world cup. It was built up as a big thing, as it was a case of do or die for Australia.

Your confession about football is very revealing. Agreed Emana is hot, and the shirt he's wearing is pretty cool also. Aiyegbeni is a bit of "alright", ie very well built and strong. You can see it in his presence, when he runs etc. Baggy shorts can't hide those legs, lol...

My attention was focused more on how teams are doing, and how people like to disregard/ disrespect the so-called minnows. The fact is anyone who makes it to that level, reveals that they must have something to offer as such they should be taken every bit as seriously as the so-called established teams. I've been paying attention to the likes of North Korea, New Zealand, Chile etc. Respect to your teams and all the other so-called "minnows".

Mama Shujaa said...

LOL. Greetings from Johannesburg, SA! On leaving the stadiums, I've heard a few complaints that the World Cup should be held during summers only with comment such as:

"Look at all these chicks, dressed up to their necks in warm garments!"

So, my friend, you are not alone in your drooling over human beings on and off the pitch!

Mama Shujaa

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Codliveroil,

It may well be that Ghana are feeling the effects of Michael Essien's absence. And you're right, Ghanaians have a special accent, which incidentally, I think is sexy.. lol.

Yep, that's been my approach to soccer over the years and I've been a fan of different clubs at different times, because of particular players. I was a Wigan fan sometime ago, because of Camara, and a Chelsea fan at some other time because of Makelele. The list goes on, lol..

Humm, in the current Nigerian team, my pick would be Taye Taiwo. Those lips... :)

Anengiyefa said...

Greetings Mama Shujaa,

You're another person I know who went to SA for the world cup. I've been stretching my neck whenever the camera pans to the crowd, in the hope that I will catch sight of any of those I know who went, lol..

No, but seriously, I'm sure its really wonderful to be opportune to attend an event as great as this. I'm not even sure if we'll see another World Cup on our continent in our lifetimes. Pity about the cold though, but the world should have known that in June its mid-winter in the southern hemisphere. Hopefully next time in Brazil won't be so bad, since most of the country's cities are located north of the Tropic of Capricorn.

I wish that you continue enjoying what remains of the World Cup and that you travel safely back home afterwards.

Anengiyefa said...

@Codliveroil, and Vincent Enyeama and Victor Obinna too :)

CodLiverOil said...

I see what you mean, very handsome individuals. Enyeama has now distinguished himself as a world class goal keeper too.

c'est moi said...

Oh my god..that Achille guy is the HOTNESS!!...oh,oh,oh!!

No one really does it for me in the Naija team though...not that i've been really following those super-chickens,anyway...heart-breakers!

Anengiyefa said...
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Anengiyefa said...

@Codliveroil, yes Enyeama has for me been the goalkeeper of the tournament so far. It won't surprise me to see him in the Premier League before too long..

Its a pity that Lagerback chose to keep Obinna on the bench for the first two games. Obinna's absence left us with little to look at and admire.. :)

@C'est moi, my heart beats faster every time I think of that close up shot of Emana. HOT is almost an understatement.

And btw, the Naija team didn't do too badly in their last game against South Korea. Its just that Yakubu and Uche lost too many good chances and the poor record from the previous two games caught up with them.