Saturday, 26 June 2010

What is it about Facebook?

I have never been able to work out what Facebook is really about. I don't think most people on Facebook have an idea what its really about either. I think of having a Facebook account as one of those things that people do just because they consider it to be fashionable. I am yet to come across a Facebook profile that makes any sense, since to start with, its quite unlikely that any person could in reality have upwards of 100 "friends", unless we dilute the definition of the word "friend" to include casual acquaintances we meet in cyberworld, who we really know nothing about other than what they choose to tell us, which in any event might be as far from the truth as the Earth is from the Moon..

Over the years I received so many invitations to be added as a Facebook "friend", mostly by people I'd never heard of. So I did the fashionable thing and opened a Facebook account. I have since managed to accumulate over fifty Facebook friends, none of whom I know in real life nor have ever met. I have visited the Facebook pages of people I know, and even those pages have not had on me the effect that they are supposed to have. Since opening my account, I have waited patiently for even one of these friends to do or say something interesting, or for something exciting to happen, but all in vain. All I see on Facebook are the odd comment by folks who really have nothing to say, but seem to think that they too must have an online presence.

Perhaps there is something that I'm missing, but I have not found anything interesting on Facebook. Today I tried to log into my account, which I have not visited for several weeks. After typing in my password, Facebook came back with the message "Your account is temporarily suspended". It was suggested that there might have been some phishing activity going on concerning my account. There was the option to restore the account, but it meant that I would have to type in a secret code number that would be sent to my phone by text message. Reluctantly, I followed the directions and the secret number was delivered by text to my phone. I typed in the number as directed, but still my account would not open. I repeated the exercise over and over, to no avail. Now I've had it! I will never be logging into Facebook ever again! I was never interested in it anyway!


Mama Shujaa said...

LOL. I understand, completely and utterly, having attempted to 'deactivate' my account once already.

Now, though, the value to me, is in the inspiration (little bits here an there) from fellow writers...I have been very specific in my allegiances and find that is what makes it worthwhile. But it has only been in this - my second year of operation as a facebooker! LOL. Time will tell whether or not there is more: Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Waffarian said...

Hahahaha! I know! One day, after reading so many different status updates and commenting here and there, I got so irritated with myself...I thought "What is this nonsense? Here I am, in a room, on my own, writing things on people's "walls", what is the meaning of this? Is this "life?" Are people living their "lives" on facebook? I really got irritated. I seriously contemplated "deactivating" my account. It is kinda sick, if I am honest...really sick, if I am completely honest.

Thinking about this phenomenon, (I am not a psychologist but I have thought about this quite thoroughly), I have come to the conclusion that the world is full of lonely people or bored human beings.

I say this because, the only time I am in facebook is when I am completely bored (which is often at night) or when I am lonely. Thats the truth. I am never on facebook when I have stuff to do. So thinking about this, I really believe that the people who are on there all the time must come from either categories.

Think about it. If you had lots of stuff to do, you wont have time for such triviality. Also, if your life was filled with adventure and actions from morning until night, there is no way you would want to follow up on stupid comments from less than average brains that have written their less than average opinions on stupid topics that no one cares about anyway...

The really big issues never really generate any debate cos most people (even though they are almost anonymous on facebook, cos at the end of the day, its not like you REALLY know them) still want to look good in facebook society! Hence the continous updates about "praising God" or "thanking God"...

I could write a thesis on facebook...hehehehe...

Anyway, its just a sick thing. I analysed the periods when I was in it quite a lot and saw that it was a period of great boredom...which made me quite sad. Was my life so boring that instead of writing or reading or doing any other productive activity, I was on facebook? Doing what? reading stipid comments, looking at pictures that I forget a minute after...basically non productive.

I am convinced that it is sick...but then, here comes the question...the one that always comes...

Does that mean that so many people in the world have been so easily led into this sick world? Do i now, leave this sickness, with so many people I know in it, or do I close my eyes and pretend that this kind of baseless networking is so important in my life?

You see, then you get stuck...cos it always comes down to the same question at the end of the day...

Its just like the world. You see so many things that are just downright nuts but what do you do????

Thats the issue...

(sorry about the over analysing but I have also been thinking about this crap and it annoys me that I am still on it, commenting!)

Lindsay said...


So sorry!

I also try to get it!

SOrry I nevr read what WAffarian wrote :( Too long.

Anengiyefa said...

@ Mama Shujaa

I was beginning to wonder if I was alone in thinking that Facebook makes no sense, but it appears that I was wrong. :)

@ Waffarian

You know, its good that some of us are able to speak up, because I suspect that there must be tons of others on Facebook who are likewise doubting their sanity, lol, but who are too shy or timid to openly question what it is that they are actually benefiting from Facebook.

Okay, I've spoken to loads of people about this and I know that there are those who derive some kind of pleasure from it, although I simply am unable to fathom what this pleasure might be. But as the only comments so far on this post have shown, there undoubtedly must be many others who wonder, as you and I have done, what Facebook really is about; and others still, like me, who think that Facebook is a whole load of crap!

@ Lindsay

You're not alone my dear. I tried hard to "get it", but I gave up in the end. :)

Lindsay said...


Atleast I have 'some' presence!