Saturday, 24 July 2010

Water no get enemy..

You absolutely must listen to Shakara too...


Mama Shujaa said...

One of my favorites - Water not get enemy!

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Mama Shujaa

It is indeed a very good song. But Fela had so many great songs that its hard for me to pick out any single one as a favourite, although at different times, different Fela songs have been at the top of my favourites list.

I respect Fela for his musical genius and for his composing, producing and performing of afro-beat music in a way that was unrivalled in his lifetime, and has remained so to this date. However, I'm careful not to hold Fela the man in such reverence as I see many others do, because although his political message was once poignant and relevant, my impression of him in the 1980s when I really got into his music and saw him in person many many times performing at his Afrika Shrine in Lagos, was of a dopehead who had had too much to smoke.

He rambled senselessly sometimes, and it was surprising to me that the crowd would cheer at every word he uttered, even when it was meaningless and made absolutely no sense..

I'll probably incur the wrath of a large number of people for saying this, but this is my honest opinion..

C'est moi said...

Hello mate :)

So will you be going to see "Fela" the musical,when it comes here in November..or not! LOL

How have you been?

Anengiyefa said...

Hi C'est moi,

I just might go and see it for nostalgia's sake, although from what I've heard about the show on Broadway, its not only expensive but it is also a poor imitation of the real thing.

Having had the ultimate real Fela experience and seen Fela in his full glory, I think it is likely that any attempt at reproducing the Fela atmosphere won't wash with me.

I've been okay, overworked as usual, but fine nonetheless. You said something about going on holiday, have you been?

c'est moi said...

Got back 2 and a half weeks ago actually...planning another for next month :)

Life is all about living,i say! hehe