Friday, 27 August 2010

Coming to terms with the truth..

A UK government minister Crispin Blunt aged 50, has today announced that he has separated from his wife of 20 years. The couple have two children together. Mr Blunt says that he is "coming to terms with his homosexuality".

I am completely unable to understand how a person can live through 50 years on this planet before finally achieving self acceptance. This is a 50 year period during which he would have undoubtedly suffered considerable torment. And it is undeniable that this separation will blight the lives of those others who are affected by it.

The interesting twist to this story is that Mr Blunt's voting record in Parliament has been broadly unsympathetic towards gay rights. And in my view, this speaks volumes about the true nature of much of the opposition that gay people face.

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AfroGay said...

Terrible anti-gay record, terrible. And what is his wife supposed to think at this time? Why do I feel that Blunt thinks that it is all about him?