Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Up and running..again..

After an incredibly hectic week I'm now finally able to take a seat in front of the computer in the corner of my new flat that I've designated as the den. Its nice and quiet and perfectly still in these parts most of the time. And save for the odd car passing on the street, which one hears only when the windows are open, or the occasional exuberantly rowdy youth in a car-with-loud-music-blasting-out-of-the-car-stereo, it is tranquil and peaceful and just the way I like it, the only noise I can hear as I type this post being the slightly annoying soft whirr of the washing machine in the background..

I do feel obliged to write this post though, since there are those whose emails I have failed to reply because of the circumstances that I have been confronted with over the last few weeks. Things have now reverted more or less to normal and I am confident that I should get those replies out without further delay..

I haven't mentioned this before, but there are issues concerning my job too. The arrangement that I have with my firm is in the process of being altered, so the word "upheaval" seems to apply in several aspects of my life at the moment. One's attitude towards this is to stay positive and look upon the prospect of "change" as having the potential for improvement or betterment, such as has happened with my housing. So one tries to stay calm, not be fazed by the ostensible commotion and hold on to the belief that all will be well in the end. I will keep you posted..

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