Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Appeal for Guest Contributions..

Dear Readers, Commenters, Visitors and Others,

My apologies that I have not blogged in ages. I've been preoccupied with stuff that takes my mind far away from the blogosphere. And even when I've had a moment to spare, creativity has somehow eluded me..

This appeal is for you (especially my African brothers and sisters and others of African descent) to send guest contributions for this blog to anengiyefa1@yahoo.com or anengiyefa@gmail.com. Your contributions will be posted on the blog and the idea is to keep the blog relevant, exciting and as a venue in cyberspace for expressing our views on the issues that affect us and about which we feel strongly.

There is no requirement for guest contributors to disclose their identity, as anonymous contributions will be attributed to Anonymous Guest Contributor(s). The only requirement is that your contribution is relevant. However, it may be preferable that a guest contributor has an online profile to which readers may refer..

Wishing you all a great festive season ahead..


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