Friday, 11 February 2011


I thought to share this story here..
A pair of male gay spider monkeys at Drayton Park Zoo have been named Elton and David by their keepers.
The monkeys are “inseparable” and spend their time cuddling and kissing, the Staffordshire zoo said.
Colin Bryan, the managing director of Drayton Manor Theme Park, said: “They have been inseparable since they got together last year, and they love to spend their time cuddling and kissing one another.
“They make a wonderful couple and to celebrate their first Valentine’s Day we plan to give them a special romantic meal.”


Naughty feeling said...

oops! There goes the: it is 'unnatural' and 'animals know better' arguments enshrined in homophobe's rhetoric. LOL!

Randell said...

This is fantastic!