Sunday, 27 March 2011

'Why was I born gay in Africa?'

Taken from The Guardian of today. Quite a read..

As a child in Uganda, John Bosco remembers hearing an old wives' tale that if a man fell asleep in the sun and it crossed over him, he would wake up as a woman. "I used to try that as a kid," says John now, some 30 years later. He sits at a table in a busy cafe across the road from the railway station in Southampton, his fingers playing with the handle of a glass of hot chocolate. "I'd spend all day long lying under the sun. From childhood I wanted to be a girl. I wanted dolls. At school, I played netball. I wanted to dress up like a girl... I rubbed herbs into my chest that were meant to make your breasts grow. I tried everything, but it didn't work.."

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Eshuneutics said...

I thought this was a bit of a mess as an article. It seemed to promise much, taking a significant place in The Observer New Review.Somehow, it seemed to say little that was new or make news forcibly.

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Eshuneutics, welcome and thanks for the comment.

I agree that the expectation one had at first was not quite met, as its the same story being told all over again.

Perhaps its a story some never tire of hearing, since from many of the readers' comments, it seems to encourage them to appreciate more what they have..