Saturday, 21 May 2011

I am slave..

I'm miffed that I missed this drama when TV's Channel 4 aired it in August last year, as part of their series on modern-day slavery and human trafficking. But I got another chance to see it on the Community Channel this evening and slapped myself when I discovered that it had been available on Channel 4 OD all along. Programmes on Channel 4 OD are geo-blocked, so you probably won't be able to see it on that site unless you're within the UK. This film is well worth searching for though, if you can find it elsewhere..

And although I'm somewhat late, I've been tripping on this totally amazing, albeit quietly disturbing drama that is based on a true story, starring the extremely talented British-Nigerian actor Wunmi Mosaku who plays Malia, a Sudanese princess from the Nuba Mountains. As a child she is abducted from her family and kept as a slave for six years in northern Africa, before she is sent to London where her misery continues.

And all this while, over a period of many years her devoted father (played by Ivorian actor Isaach de Bankole) from whose hands she was snatched by her abductors, searches tirelessly for her. The saga finally ends when after all her tribulations Malia manages to escape from her oppressors. Father and daughter eventually make contact, even if only tenuous contact by telephone. Some of the others in the cast are Nonso Anozie and Lubna Azabal.

This look at modern-day slavery is directed by Gabriel Range. It is strikingly photographed and very well acted. I do however think that the story being told is sketchy and that since the subject is of such a serious nature, it would have worked better had there been more detail to the story. A clip can be seen on the BBC website here and Mosaku and the film's writer Jeremy Brock are interviewed.

The Telegraph offers a great review here. You could also see The Guardian newspaper here in an in-depth commentary on how domestic workers become slaves in the UK. It is believed that there are up to 5,000 people in the UK who are being kept as slaves.

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c'est moi said...

Yes, definitely one to watch...I saw it when it aired last year. There was quite a build-up to its showing on TV in the newspapers,online etc...and the hype certainly wasn't an exaggerated one when i watched it on chaneel 4

I thought I saw Wunmi on TV again the other day,some series i think on the BBC..something to do with detectives & crime...