Saturday, 28 May 2011

Nigeria, archival historical footage..

From an era of idealism and optimism, a time when the future promised much. Looking back from the future as we are now able to do, even though much progress has been achieved and the country has held together as one political entity despite the diverse nature of her population, it is clear that realising her full potential, the dream of our forefathers, has been much harder to accomplish.


CodLiverOil said...

Anengiyefa, you keep serving up all this old footage. What has passed has passed.

But did you notice how clean and healthy people looked. Go to any Nigerian city, and you'll be mobbed the number of urchins everywhere. How things have deteriorated.

Nigeria should learn the lessons from Southern India and Singapore and make strides in the knowledge economy, and really push education, especially in the regions, where demand for education is high.

Along with that, if they can learn to produce food not on a subsistence level, but on an industrial scale, to remove the threat of starvation and undernourishment. We might just take a step forward.

Anengiyefa said...

What has passed, has passed, you're right. However, we are where we are today because of what happened in the past and that is why the past is so important. And it is when we understand this that we can strive today to ensure that the future is even better than today, which is something that did not and has not happened in Nigeria.

Its interesting that you noted from this old footage just how things have deteriorated. Perhaps that's part of the point one is trying to make..