Sunday, 3 July 2011

That Facebook bug..

I can hardly believe that I haven't posted on this blog for nearly a month. Well, there is reason for this and the reason is this - I discovered Facebook!

Okay, I know that a while ago on this blog I dismissed Facebook as being a complete waste of time. Talk about naivete. Back then, in frustration and in trying to justify my own failure to grasp what Facebook was about, I whined and moaned about how nonsensical I thought it was to have more than a hundred virtual 'friends' who one had never met, or was ever likely to meet; about how I thought all those on Facebook were twits who had nothing better to do than to look at others' photos on their computer screens. I didn't get it then, but folks, I have got it now. I've been smitten and well and truly bitten by the Facebook bug.

People, I am truly hooked and I find the whole experience actually quite fascinating. I've formed friendships (in differing degrees of closeness and intimacy) with individuals in locations as disparate as Senegal and Malawi; I've been able to lend my support to causes that I care about; I've made meaningful contact with some of my sports heroes; I've received help in the preparation of my plans for my upcoming tour of the African continent; the list of pluses is long..

So please do accept my apologies if in my excitement I have somewhat neglected this blog, but I'm still here and haven't gone anywhere.

Here, is a peace tribute from me by Steel Pulse one of my all time favourite reggae bands..


Mimi said...

Another one bites the dust!!!!!!

Ha, you speak so glowingly about facebook I was almost tempted to go join as well.... but I'm going to hold the fort strong for the anti-facebook crew over here. Just let us know if there is anything we miss in the meantime.

Anengiyefa said...

Ha ha ha, Mimi I succumbed, at last. No really, everything I said is absolutely true. I was worried a little about privacy, but its all within your control. You can make it do for you what you want it to. I think its quite brilliant really..

On other things, I've never actually been to a Pride event, surprising at it may seem. I always thought of it as daunting, being confronted with by a convoy of drag queens and more.. lol.

Mama Shujaa said...

Nice peace tribute, I like Steel Pulse. I too have been MIA, been overwhelmed at work! Good to know you are still here, though and I look forward to reading about your upcoming trip. Now that you are a Facebook guru, hopefully you will have all the mobile apps on your phone so that in your travels you can keep us updated!! :)

Anengiyefa said...

Thanks Mama Shujaa. Of course everyone will be kept well informed of every single detail of my travels, lol.

On those Facebook apps, I'm still in the process of getting my technophobic head around them, lol. I know I'll succeed eventually. Its interesting to see that most of my friends in Africa are facebooking via Mobile Facebook on their phones. So I suppose I too would be doing something similar.

By the way, thanks again for those brilliant songs you posted at yours.. :)

Mimi said...

But please don't leave the real blogosphere for the lame world of facebook. Are you going to abandon us?

Anengiyefa said...

Lol, Mimi that thought never crossed my mind. Blogging is far much more interesting. However, what's cool about Facebook is the real-time communication with others that is made possible and how you can fine-tune who you actually get to roll with.. Its great..