Thursday, 1 September 2011

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CodLiverOil said...

I guess it must be particularly annoying if you are black Libyan to be treated as a foreigner, but that is nothing new for black people.

The other aspect that is particularly troubling. Is that the case of Nigerians making their way to Europe and the brewing pot of trouble back in Nigeria (an example if Boko Haram and the crisis in Plateau statte, amongst others) point to a government (in fact governments) that have failed to take responsiblity for the actions or inaction.

The people of Nigeria, should realise it is their duty and responsibility to hold the government to account, so that it can deliver on tangible improvements in daily life and offer a future. President Jonathan making a speech here and there, after a preventable disaster occurs is insufficient.

Does Nigeria not have a minister of external affairs? What assistance are they trying to deliver to Nigerians in Libya?

Should the day come when Nigerian governments start to deliver, all these symptoms of decay and disintegration will fade away. Until then, people killing one another in Nigeria, and Nigerians running away to any foreign land to escape "home" will continue to be the images that the outside world hold of Nigerians.