Sunday, 9 October 2011

Rays of hope from the land of the free

I was having a browse on a gay search engine (as I do), and came across this.

It seems very interesting and is long overdue. Here's a brief description
No More Down Low.TV is a groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind lifestyle and entertainment series dedicated to dispelling myths and stereotypes about same gender-loving people in the African American community.
I couldn't have put it better myself, so I didn't; I just borrowed that from the About page on the site. While there I also found out that the site was launched in 2010, so it's been around a while. It's free to check out the blog and look around, see what's new and happening in the areas the site covers, and you're going to find that this isn't just your ordinary blog. There are lots of posts and interviews and the episodes of themselves, of course, but there's also a community area and bonus videos. Perfect, a great place to check out LGBT issues concerning the African American community.

It is a relief to know that change can come from a land that is more enlightened, than Africa & the Caribbean (for the most part). It makes a refreshing change than to read of stories such as,

Ghana Rounding Up And Arresting Gays & Nigeria: Days of Gay Marriage will soon be Numbered

which are all too depressing to dwell on.

However as the esteemed Akin says on his blog:

"In other words, the concept of the acceptance of homosexuality in Africa will only be under duress from free societies in negotiations for other things than it becoming an accepted thing in society.."

This is not to say the struggle for equality should be left solely to those overseas, the more intimidating and infinitely more dangerous campaign must continue from the home base also.

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