Monday, 10 October 2011

Rays of hope theme continued

I decided to create another post, even though it is a continuation of the previous post.

The view points articulated by such prominent Americans from the video clip above stands in direct contrast to the hate-filled stance being advocated across much of sub-Saharan Africa. This includes passing legislation specifically designed to imprison people for being gay as in this case

Anti-gay legislisation from Nigeria

or public ministers pushing for a public witch-hunt of gay people, here

Public intolerance in Ghana

These kind of examples are more akin to the atmoshpere in pre world war II Germany.

With these two camps ie the intolerant view coming from Africa or the tolerant view from America. For me I will take my stand with that of the Americans on this point. Colin Powell and Phylicia Rashad win, hands down. Phylicia has presence and authority, she could bring sanity to the most ignorant hot-head.

On another point they held a Pan-African film festival. I was surprised that to have the term LGBTI and African mentioned in the same breadth, would even be tolerated by the African contingent. Some great themes and issues were being explored here. It was interesting to note the consciousness that some actors displayed.

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