Monday, 7 November 2011

A call to face Africa's challenges from the hills of Rwanda

I came across this article, it was encouraging to read that there are people in Africa, who engage in true talk. I agree with the author (Shyaka Kanuma). A new way of thinking is introduced here.

A new way of thinking from Rwanda

I like this piece, it deals with the prevailing attitude that exists amongst Africans. The sooner people forsake the easy option of blaming outsiders and wake up to the challenges that the continent faces, Africa will get up from it's knees and begin to walk with the rest of humanity (as opposed to being held by the hand and led astray as is currently the case).


Scout said...

You and the article have a good point. Much of Africa got a bad deal from European imperialism, but it has been ill-served by the ruling African leaders as well. There are a lot of societal issues, too, that need tackling.

CodLiverOil said...

Scout, thank you for your response.

People have been harping on about the European imperialism for at least 50 years, but that veneer has worn out.

Africans have a choice:
1) To continue with blaming their woes all on the outsiders be they Europeans, Arabs, or even todays Chinese


Look to themselves, and re-construct their socieites.

The second option is more positive, and rejects the victim syndrome that all too many people are too happy to embrace. This is also more empowering.

All of society will have to take an active part in the political discourse. If people are willing to sit-back and leave the politicans to themselves, then we will get leaders of the calibre that the continent currently has.