Saturday, 28 April 2012

Where to begin..

Its been a while since I've written on this blog and I wont even attempt to make excuses for my prolonged absence. Let it be sufficient for me to just say that my absence has been due to circumstances over which I had little control; but the good news is that I'm back, for good. I did miss writing on this blog though, because I've since realised that it has provided me with an outlet for expressing all those thoughts, feelings and emotions needing to be expressed, and to a broader spectrum of people than would otherwise be possible. 

Even during the period of my absence I would from time to time check up on the blog, and it was with a considerable amount of consternation that I observed the blog's visitor numbers steadily decline, such that these days, visitor numbers per day are significantly less than what they were just a few months ago. This surely is unacceptable to me and I have now set myself the task of restoring those visitor numbers to what they used to be.

Well, having said that, its been over a week since I've been preparing my mind and working on something to write about. But to no avail. Its not so much a case of me not knowing what to write about, but rather, one of having an overload of issues to discuss and not knowing where to start. It wasn't that long ago that words simply flowed off my fingertips without much effort. Now I find myself struggling with the task of rallying thoughts and feelings, and marshalling them into the written form; into a blog post. 

The world did not suddenly became a less interesting place, nor did I abruptly become even slightly less enchanted or fascinated by it. But I suppose there's a price that one must pay for temporarily abandoning writing. Its almost as if I'm having to start all over again. I tell myself however that if I did it before, so certainly I can do it again..  

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