Tuesday, 31 March 2009

On Madonna and Malawian Babies

I sometimes find myself in a place where there appears to be nothing in particular to blog about; although in reality there is a multitude of thoughts taking place in my head at the same time, none of which has been articulated to the point of lending itself to literation in a blog post. Its as if the mind is being pulled in different directions. But thankfully, this blog exists and it provides a means by which to vent some of the emotion, the frustration and more. I think I need to learn how to concentrate on individual thoughts more consciously and do less of the cerebral gymnastics to which I am so liable. I've been thinking about Madonna and her quest to adopt Malawian babies. Why Malawi in particular, one wonders. I can't make up my mind whether I support what she's doing, or whether removing children from their culture denies them the right to their true identity. I do not believe that a person's true identity can or should be divorced from his roots, his history, his culture.

I've been following this unfolding story with some interest and sometimes, even amusement. I'm surprised when some people argue fervently that this fabulously wealthy American mega-star stands to benefit in any personal sense from her adoption of a couple of poor African orphan children. The way I see it, what Madonna has to offer those very fortunate children, is a life and a future that is beyond the wildest imagination of any members of the children's extended family; those who it has been argued should be the ones to raise the children. That said, I still see some value in the argument that the children are better off remaining in the community into which they were born. Madonna in my view is wealthy enough to uplift entire communities in Malawi in a very real sense. In this way she will be able to attain her ostensible goal of bettering the lives of some who are less fortunate than she is, but also be able to affect the lives of a greater number of individuals.


Tamaku said...

I was uncomfortable with the first adoption because I felt Madonna could have ensured the child was cared for within it's own community and family.

Nothing has changed my mind since.

Anengiyefa said...

I really cant be sure what to think about this, but the arguments on both sides are compelling. Its interesting that 98% of the people of Malawi are themselves in favour of the adoptions, although I hear that since Madona is now a single parent after her divorce, she stands to infringe the law of that country, which prohibits adoption of children by single people.

Its also interesting that the loudest voices in opposition to Madonna are the NGOs working in the country. I hear too that Madonna herself owns a charity that works with children in the country. The issue about which I remain befuddled is, why Malawi and not somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

One can easily say "why not Malawi". There are many poor countries, and if she had already made up her mind, then one of them had to be chosen. Maybe it was pot luck, also maybe she has heard good things about the country. So why not?

C'est moi said...

I will say that i'm not a great fan of the woman...but i must say i am really pissed at the inordinate media interest in the whole adoption saga...she is not the first celebrity to adopt a child from a poor/war-torn/famine-ravaged or otherwise impoverished country & neither would she be the last!....Brad & Angelina (have adopted children from Cambodia,Ethiopia and Vietnam),Ewan Mcgregor has a daughter adopted from Mongolia,to mention but a few..

Its the woman's life for chrissakes & she is not answerable to anyone for her actions,her likes or dislikes for that matter!...the media & people just need to get a grip & mind their own business,i think..

To answer your question Anengiyefa about why Malawi,she's got charities in that country & if my memory serves me right i believe it was while visiting the country & her charity there about 3 years ago that she met & absolutely "fell in love" with the adorable little baby boy David Banda.

Who knows,maybe the cute thing has brought much joy & fun to the Madonna household that she thought nothing of adopting from the same country again.

Or it could be perhaps that its maybe the only one country where she can "have her way"/be shown preferential treatment ie with regards to the sometimes lengthy & complicated adoption processes(according to Malawian law, an adoption process should take at least a year with the prospective adoptive parents required to have lived in that country/with that child for at least 18months; now David,she adopted him in a matter of weeks)

But anyway who knows why?i don't...and frankly,i don't care either..there are more serious & more concerning things happening in the world..

Free Surf said...

People can say whatever they want to say but that child has got better chances with Madonna as a parent. What is known of her parenting skills in the tabloids is flawless. I don't see how adopting a black african kid would earn her more reord sales and recognition. She already has all that.
Let people stop bitching and whining and admit to the fact that they wish they were the ones being adopted.

Free Surf said...

@ Tamaku: I doubt if that option would have worked. The family might as well have spent the money Madonna was forking out for the child's upkeep.