Friday, 17 April 2009

Technology and me

I haven't blogged for a few days and it was almost as if something was missing, although I couldn't tell exactly what it was until I started typing this post. Nobody told me blogging is addictive, or that there are withdrawal symptoms. Anyway now that I know, I'll try to keep up with the posts.

I was thinking about a news report I saw on television sometime ago, about how some weird people were queueing in front of a store somewhere in London, where Apple's iPhone was to be launched the next day. I mean, this live report was sometime in the late evening on a cold windy night, when every sane person ought to have been sitting snugly on a sofa in front of the TV, or at least making their way home in order to do so. And there was this throng of wild haired men and women proudly announcing to the TV reporter that they were happy to brave the foul weather all night, just to be sure that they obtained the iPhone the very minute it became available in the UK the next morning when the store opened its doors. Thinking about this, I wondered what was so special about the iPhone that was to be sold on the first day. Was it perhaps different in some enhanced way to any other iPhone that would be sold the day after? What about those who would acquire the iPhone weeks or even months after its launch? Taking into account the pace of technology, perhaps its even sensible to wait a few weeks I thought.

I am fascinated by technology and the advances that we have witnessed within just a few decades. Its nothing short of amazing. Having said that, I personally have struggled to keep up with innovations, although when I do finally catch up, I've often wondered why I was so slow to realise how awesome this thing is in the first place, whatever it was that I was just catching up with. Lets start with mobile phones, or cell phones as some people say. For a long while I was entirely convinced that I did not need a mobile phone. What for? I would question myself. I already had a phone at home and another at work. Surely I didn't need a third phone. Who would want to contact me anyway when I was out and about? But when I looked around and saw that even school children carried mobile phone devices around, texting and the like, I started to feel like a visitor from another planet, or from a place in time somewhere in the past. Not until then did I realise how ancient my thinking must have seemed to those to whom I fervently argued that a mobile telephone was a completely unnecessary frivolity. Anyway, as I have often had to do, I caved in and acquired one.

It was pretty much the same with the Internet. Even this blog was started 5 years after everyone I know had started a blog. As a child sitting on the back seat of my parents' car, anytime the car stopped at a railway crossing, or whenever there was the possibility that we would be anywhere near a passing train, I clearly remember the panic that would take hold of me and how I would try to duck down underneath the driver's seat until the train passed. I feared machines and anything mechanical. I seem not to have outgrown this anxiety about machines and technological innovations generally. I despise pocket calculators, but I have to use one regardless. Thankfully today's computers are user-friendly, but apart from the basic word-processing, emails, blogging (now), music and videos, there isn't very much that I do with them. I like to draw with crayons and paint pictures with a brush. I love to read books that are made of paper and cardboard. I love writing with a pen and ink. Sitting in front of this computer screen is a necessary evil, the way I see it. I looked up the word "technophobia" in the dictionary and was surprised to find that such a word exists, defined as the "fear of or aversion to technology, especially computers and high technology". That finger is pointing directly at me. Yes I accept, I am officially a technophobe, because now Twitter is all the rage and I am breaking out in a cold sweat!
I know I've been rambling in this post, but I just needed to let that out somehow. It's even had a therapeutic effect, in that I've been able to share with this blog something that has lurked somewhere at the back of my mind for years and which I've been unable to talk to anyone about. And of course, I still haven't acquired that Apple iPhone, although I might just do so someday.


C'est moi said...

I wondered at the "unofficial",Anengiyefa went AWOL & left us in limbo! :)

Happy to know all's well though.

Anengiyefa the technophobe,now who wld've thought! lol

But im somewhow the same y'know..ive got a simple flip cell friends tease me endlessly about it(as most of them use the iphone)my siblings are constantly on my case to at least get a Blackberry & not embarrass them in public..imagine!!

& Im like as long as its able to send & receive texts,im able to make & get calls on it,man thats all i need!..all these high-tech phones have many applications the owners arent aware of or use anyway so whats the bloody big deal?? lol

Anengiyefa said...

C'est moi, my apologies for being absent for a while. Real life demanded more attention from me than usual this week. Anyhow, its nice to see you again.

Haba, you should at least upgrade to BlackBerry now, which one you dey sef? lol! Look who is talking! No mind me ojare! My reliable old Nokia does everything that I would do with a phone, whatever the phone was..

Quitstorm said...

At least i like new emerging technologies,only that i can afford it,am good on embracing technology

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Quitstorm,
I suppose it takes all kinds of different people to make up a world. I realise I'm one of the few who are reluctant to accept new technologies. But at the same time, once I have accepted it, I immerse myself and run away with it. Good to see you agan. :)