Monday, 12 April 2010

General Babangida must NOT become President of Nigeria

It is being reported that a spokesman for General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida has told the international media that General Babangida will run for president in the 2011 presidential poll after seeking the nomination of the ruling People's Democratic Party (PDP).

Personally, I cannot think of a more inappropriate candidate for the presidency of Nigeria. If the PDP candidate must be from northern Nigeria, there is a multitude of Nigerians from the north who are better qualified than General Babangida and whose reputations are not tarnished in the way that Babangida's is.

As my friend and fellow blogger Akin so aptly put it, "New Blood NOT Incredibly Bad Blood" is what Nigeria needs at this moment for the country's leadership. "General Babangida is incredibly bad blood" Akin states, and I am in complete agreement. It was under Babangida's tenure as president that corruption became endemic in Nigeria, the economy deteriorated and democracy was shoved aside. In fact, it was on the back of Babangida that the evil Abacha regime came to power.

Nigeria as a nation is already in a weakened state, due largely to the inept and incompetent leadership of recent years, a malaise that potentially will only be exacerbated by a Babangida presidency.

Given that sycophants abound in Nigeria, many of who were enriched and thereby empowered by Babangida and his evil progeny Abacha, and who therefore are today in positions of power and influence, I am justified in my fear that the voices of millions of concerned Nigerians will be ignored; those who like me dread the return to power of the "Evil Genius", (a nickname Babangida gave himself). Shockingly, Babangida on his website even refers to himself as "Nigeria's Best President". May God help us...

You may want to read this interesting piece written by Sola Salako.


Akin said...

Hello Anengiyefa,

Thanks for the mention of my blog - May God help us - we need a groundswell of opinion and action to thwart this rotten aspiration.




Ah, Akin, God bless you for sharing that website.

Anengiyefa, I cannot add to this. I have been 'watching the tea leaves' for weeks and wanted IBB to announce his candidacy. He has technically done so, and with him doing it first, it is likely that no other northern opponent will step up in the PDP. And don't let me start talking about what I think about the PDP and its plan to field a northern candidate.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Akin & Solomonsydelle

The prospect of the return of IBB is scary, and even more so when one considers that people are fickle, have short memories and tend to be swayed by the events of the present, without much thought about what has happened previously, or giving in-depth consideration to the consequences of the choices that they make.

Let us be optimistic in clinging to the hope that our voices as decent well-meaning Nigerians will not be drowned out by the voices of those self-seeking fawning parasites, those servile flatterers, who solely for their own personal purposes, will stop at nothing in striving to restore this man to the presidency of our nation...

THERishouldbeAPY said...

I pray for Nigeria, man.... I hear my parents talk about when life was good in Nigeria and I struggle to imagine what that was like..? Corruption rules everything in our country and I honestly cannot say that I believe Nigeria can be fixed within my lifetime... but there is always hope.