Sunday, 22 August 2010

Rudisha smashes the world record..

Today in Berlin.. Another clean sweep for Kenya..
More here..

After the race, David Lekuta Rudisha (a more up-to-date profile here) is quoted as saying:

"Last year I had a bad time in Berlin. The weather was not very good, and I did not make it into the final.

"So I did not want to talk too much about the world record before the race. But today I knew it is my day. I trained very hard, the weather was good. I told the pacemaker to run the first lap under 49 seconds. He did a great job.

"The last 200 metres I had to push very hard. But I saw the clock. 1:41,09 at the end, fantastic. I am very happy to be the fastest 800 metres runner in the world. The crowd was fantastic."


Savvy said...

Nice blog!

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Savvy, welcome and thanks a lot. Its nice to know someone out there likes what I put up here.

I'll look forward to seeing you drop in again sometime soon..