Saturday, 23 July 2011

How sad is this..

Someone for whom I always had a soft spot died today. It came on the news this evening that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her north London flat earlier this afternoon. This is how the BBC reports it and the Manchester Evening News.

Aged 27, Amy was too young to die, depriving the world of a huge musical talent. She was much vilified and was even booed recently at a concert in Serbia, where she is said to have been so drunk while on stage, that she could only mumble the lyrics of her songs. Yes, she was troubled and had a problem with drugs and drink, but there is one school of thought that refers to addiction as an illness.

And doped as she apparently always seemed to be, she still belted out her songs on stage to much acclaim until recently. I am particularly affected by her loss because she endeared herself to me with her rebellious, unconventional character, since I am one who will admire anyone who is bold enough to fly in the face of convention. This is a very sad evening for me..

Amy Winehouse performing 'Valerie' at Hyde Park in London at a concert organised as part of the Nelson Mandela 90th Birthday celebrations. The 'enfant terrible' of her generation, she will be sadly missed. R. I. P.

Take a look at this one too.. How sad..

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