Friday, 28 September 2012

Ghana: First impressions..

I find that in Ghana people are calmer, less noisy and generally more gentle than people in Nigeria. But the roads in Ghana are just as perilous and the driving just as crazy as in Nigeria. Indeed, Ghana is every bit as chaotic as Nigeria is. So far, I have found one or two bright sparks though. The impressively well organised rest stop on the Accra - Kumasi highway for one, which made a 225km journey that took 7 hours to complete, much less nightmarish for me than it could have been. The highway itself is a good road in the most part, but our progress was severely impeded in those parts of the road that go for miles around the town of Suhum, which are bad, very bad. The person in charge of roads in Ghana really needs to sit up and do something about that road please.

And then there is Kotoka International Airport, whose capacity was practically overwhelmed when three planeloads of passengers arrived within minutes of each other. That airport, in my view, is failing to meet the expectations of those like me who think highly of Ghana, including several foreign visitors who arrived at the same time as I did, and especially those arriving in the country for the first time. 

I spent the day yesterday completing the difficult journey by road from Accra to Sunyani in the Brong Ahafo Region, well, only if sitting in a reasonably comfortable air-conditioned coach qualifies to be described as a "difficult journey". :) My tour continues and I expect to be posting updates from time to time or whenever I get the chance..


Dushuma said...

Pictures please- green with envy!

Anengiyefa said...

Ok then, I'm taking loads of photos anyway :)

codliveroil said...

Hello Anengiyefa!

I've sent you an e-mail in September 2012 and no received response.

Your trip to Ghana is very exciting. I have just read the first instalment. It is interesting to read your views as an objective and unbiased Nigerian. (Most Nigerians are not objective, and will automatically say Nigeria is better than Ghana in everything, simply because they are Nigerian and use the outdated one-liner "Nigeria is the giant of Africa")

I look forward to reading the next instalment.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Codliveroil,

I don't remember seeing your email and its very unlike me not to reply to an email. I'm wondering what happened, or perhaps the email found its way into my spam box and got deleted accidentally, as I do empty my spam box from time to time without necessarily going through every single message contained in it. I've just been through my inbox again and couldn't find the email you sent. Please accept my sincere apologies. I did wonder about you though, wondered what had happened, if you were still in Australia etc., although of course I raise my hands and say that I too ought to have made the effort to contact you.

I wrote a total of five updates while away in Ghana. Four of them were written while I was there but the last one I wrote after I'd returned to England. I'd like to hear your thoughts about what I've written. Its really good to hear from you again..

codliveroil said...

I have re-sent my response to you.

Look forward to more discussion.