Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Putting her critics to shame

The new look of Caster Semenya, silencing those who dared to doubt that she's a woman. She appeared on the cover of South Africa's You magazine. For the shoot Semenya sported a less ambiguous hair style, a designer black dress, jewelry, makeup and nail polish. Despite what you think about the whole situation, it's safe to say that in this photo Semenya truly looks like an 18-year old woman.

Now there can be no doubt that she is actually a woman, but it angered me to learn that she was not informed early on that she was being subjected to gender tests.


Rox said...

Honestly I dont see what the fuss was all about and the whole affair was handled in a very demeaning, unfair and unprofessional manner. At no point did it cross those people's minds that they were dealing with a real human being with real feelings whatever gender he'she may be. People can be so crass! She was like a helpless object! Once the news of the gender contention came to the media (which it shouldn't have in the first place without solid proof of her dishonesty or lack of it), people all over the world made her life, her body and her gender, a thing she has little control over, like they had every right to. Why do people feel justified to have an opinion over other peoples affairs that dont even concern them? Were Casper to be deemed male would there be more bread on my table, would that make me more female? duh, that made me angry...... I wish people would learn to let be those matters that we have no control over, the things which only God in His wisdom can make known to us.

Anengiyefa said...

Absolutey correct dear Rox. What comforts me in this whole saga is the way Caster herself remained calm throughout and handled the situation with such dignity. For an 18 year old, I thought her she carried herself rather commendably.

Her manner confounded her critics and made them cry foul even louder. But the louder they cried, the harder they fell!

Mama Shujaa said...

WOW!!!!! First and foremost, I LOVE YOUR NEW HEADER!!!!!!

Ok. Now I can comment on Caster's new look. I like it and I liked her boyish look as well. And yes, she is a fine, confident young African woman who continues to maintain her dignity, as we call it in Kiswahili, her Utu!

Anengiyefa said...

Yes Mama Shujaa, Caster is an inspiration to many. In the face of adversity she remained dignified and came out on top in the end, a proud, confident, beautiful African woman.

And as for the new look Header for the blog, thanks. I like it too. I just hope I haven't infringed anyone's copyright over the photo, since I just lifted it off the Net. The picture is of the Majorelle Gardens in Morocco. I'm happy that at least someone has noticed it. Shame to all those who saw it and said nothing. They know who they are..lol

Rox said...


Touchy!! lol, yes we know who we are and now that the story behind the lovely gardens has been revealed, may I belatedly congratulate you on the lovely header? hihihihii